Global Customer LifecycleSM - Grows Market Share

The rules have changed. Customers around the world are now connected and in control. For you to gain market share, your customers must have a compelling and seamless experience from first impression to lasting impact.

Master the Global
Customer LifecycleSM

Global customers seek helpful information in their language, engage with companies that provide it, buy from those they trust, share their product experience with the world and expect real-time support in their language.

  • Support

    Loyalty is highly dependent on post-purchase satisfaction. Customers expect chat and forum support in their language. Are you providing it?

    Multilingual forums save $10-$15 per deflected call

  • Seek

    Most people search online or ask social networks before they make a purchase. Are they finding you or your competitors? In China? In Brazil?

    50% of purchases made with companies found in the Seek phase

  • Engage

    Is your translated website content helpful and sticky or do visitors leave quickly?

    85% of translated websites lack high-value content

  • Buy

    When customers visit a store or talk to a partner in another country, are they finding the right content to help them choose you?

    40% of consumers change their mind at point of sale

  • Experience

    Customers expect a flawless product experience. If they don't get it, they complain. What are global customers saying about your company?

    400 million Tweets posted per day

Global Customer Lifecycle SM

Where should you begin?


  • Improve translated sales training and product videos.
  • Optimize point of purchase content.


  • Increase qualified traffic to global websites through SEO translation.
  • Outsource web operations to reduce website management costs.

For Product

  • Make localization as agile as your development process.
  • Reduce burden of change orders on engineers.


  • Provide real-time, automated translation for your forums and chat.
  • Outsource development and translation of service documentation.

Full Solution



  • Global Project Managers
  • Professional Translators
  • Digital Marketing Mavens
  • Crowdsourced Testers


  • Global Campaign Management
  • Global Product Launches
  • Global Support Programs
  • Large-Scale Localization Programs


  • Translation Management System
  • Real-Time Translation
  • Marketing Asset Management
  • Task Management