Extreme Networks Uses Lionbridge onDemand to Improve User Experience Across All Global Markets

A reliable translation partner allows global teams to manage localized websites, be more prepared with content in their language, and drive better qualified sales leads.


Lionbridge onDemand has enabled Extreme Networks to control localized websites with relevant assets and events, provide a streamlined copywriting process with in-country review, and complete projects on-time and on budget.


Here are some areas where Extreme Networks has achieved significant benefits:


 Extreme Networks-Increased Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness

By creating a clean, user-friendly website, with localized content for each market, Extreme Networks was able to increase their brand awareness around the world.

Extreme Networks - Boosted Google Results

Boosted Google search rankings

By providing better quality content translated across multiple languages, Extreme Networks was able to build a more effective SEO plan.

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Better lead

Website content localized to each market provides a better user experience and has increased the number of qualified leads delivered to each sales team.

Extreme Networks - Easy Portal

Easy to use

Lionbridge onDemand’s ease of use and support for 50+ content types has enabled all departments to streamline their copywriting process.

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Easy review

The In-Country Review feature streamlines the translation review workflow for reviewers allowing for faster turnaround.

Extreme Networks - Customer Success Manager

Customer success manager

By having a responsive customer success manager available, Extreme Networks has been able to quickly answer questions from the field.

Having a reliable translation partner made us think realistically about what we could achieve. Multilingual to us means providing a reliable translated solution for the viewers. This also gives the in-country reps a site they could handle. The great thing about working with Lionbridge is that we no longer have to maintain 500 page websites in multiple countries around the world.”


—Jim McLeod,

Director, Creative & Digital Marketing

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Extreme Networks partners with Lionbridge onDemand as a way to respond to their highly engaged customer base, creating an immersive, engaging digital experience for their brand.


Learn more about Extreme Networks at www.extremenetworks.com

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