Life Sciences Global Marketing

Remove language and cultural differences as a barrier to online communication and make your brand accessible to all potential buyers.

Transform your digital channels into patient-centric hubs that deliver value and competitive advantage

When patient health and wellness is the ultimate goal, delivering the right content in the right way at the right time is paramount. Our Global Marketing Services for the Life Sciences industry can help you make personalization core to your digital strategy and deliver the multilingual, multichannel content your diverse audiences expect.

Align each element of your digital brand–optimized global SEO/ SEM, localized websites and campaigns, multimedia and creative content—for culture, compliance, and relevance and accelerate lasting connections with patients, practitioners, and partners.

Eliminate localization costs and delays, deliver relevant and compliant content in over 250 languages, and gain actionable data and insights with Lionbridge. Our global marketing services are designed to:

  • Streamline global marketing planning and operations; maximize campaign potential across your digital landscape
  • Create relevant localized messaging that drives lead generation
  • Develop engagement strategies for entirety of customer journey
  • Improve content consistency and reuse for cost savings, market agility and speed
  • Identify and address social content which can outrank branded search results
  • Optimize UX design and development
  • Localize graphics, video, social and community content as well as web and email text
  • Test and QA new assets to eliminate common cultural missteps
  • Measure asset, program, and channel performance and pivot as needed

A Translation Guide for Life Sciences Professionals [eBook]

How to increase translation efficiencies and decrease costs with a centralization model

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Multilingual marketing is complicated – we’re here to simplify it for you

It is faster, easier, and less expensive than you think to deliver the multichannel, multilingual content that keeps your brand top-of-mind with global audiences. Whether you choose to implement a turnkey solution, localize market by market, outsource global ops, or increase digital agility with a decoupling strategy, a Lionbridge partnership will help your brand get personal on a global scale.

With 250+ languages, Life Sciences and marketing expertise, a global operating model, and a cloud-based platform that works with your existing technology stack, you can rely on Lionbridge to bring you closer to your patients, practitioners, and partners, in any part of the world.

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