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Lionbridge maintains key partnerships across a broad group of categories including services and technology. Working together, we’re able to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions that help our customers grow their global business. 


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The Lionbridge connector for ADAM Software seamlessly integrates your ADAM platform with the Lionbridge globalization ecosystem, enabling faster and more efficient translation and localization of your marketing and product assets to create a truly brand consistent customer experience.

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Adobe® Experience Manager helps you organize, create, and manage the delivery of creative assets and other content across your digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, email, communities, and video. Manage your content on premises or host it in the cloud; IT can deliver agile and rapid deployment. With this ultimate control of your content and campaigns, you’ll be able to deliver relevant experiences to customers that will build your brand, drive demand, and extend reach. For more information, visit

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Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) is a world leader in enterprise software for authoring, content management, publishing, and localization. Its flagship product, Author-it, is an end-to-end content management solution capable of publishing content to multiple deliverables. Since the release of Author-it Cloud, Author-it Software has become the world’s first end-to-end Enterprise Authoring Platform on the Cloud. Author-it is used in over 50 countries, by over 3500 clients and chosen by Fortune 100 organizations for worldwide deployments, making it one of the world’s most popular content management tools. ASC has offices in San Jose and Newport Beach, California, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. For more information, visit


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Clay Tablet’s unique integration software easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation provider or technology. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet Technologies works with a global channel partner network of content management and translation technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators. For more information, visit


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Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others. This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure Drupal is a cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies that the Web has to offer. The Drupal project’s principles encourage modularity, standards, collaboration, ease-of-use, and more. For more information, visit

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e-Spirit is the manufacturer of the industry leading FirstSpirit™ Content Management System, relied on by enterprises worldwide to help them successfully implement their digital strategies, engage audiences more effectively and increase market share. FirstSpirit software enables the creation, management and publishing of content across multiple channels including corporate websites, company intranets and portals, extranets, print, mobile devices and e-commerce platforms—in other words, anywhere communication needs to take place. For more information, visit


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Ektron Web Content Management software powers corporate websites, intranets, and social communities for thousands of customers across the world.  Ektron is headquartered in Nashua, N.H., with offices in Australia, Canada and the U.K.  Ektron customers include brands such as Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Las Vegas Sands, Microsoft, and NASDAQ. For more information, visit

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The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ is a single platform for managing digital marketing, content, and digital commerce. Its straight-forward user interface makes it easy to provide a seamless digital experience for your customers.

And with Lionbridge’s connector technology, you can provide this seamless digital experience in all languages. Once integrated with Lionbridge’s translation management portal, you can route content for translation and back again directly into the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud—giving you an end-to-end, automated solution for content translation. For more information on Episerver, visit

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For more than 17 years, iBrams GmbH & Co. KG has been revolutionizing the way companies, agencies and service providers communicate brands – comprehensively and efficiently. The brand management solution, iBrams, especially makes it possible for decentralized companies and organizations to ensure a uniform brand image for their products in all national and international target markets.

iBrams is easily implemented and can either be independently applied or also used with existing agencies and service providers. The system centrally manages all templates and media assets and makes them available via the Web. This ensures that when producing marketing materials and all types of communication and advertising materials on-site employees act in compliance with Corporate Design rules and automatically do everything right. For more information, visit


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inRiver is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM) – by putting the power in the hands of the user, we enable multi-channel commerce professionals to visually manage their product information.

inRiver is fast to implement and easy to use, radically facilitating the creation, maintenance, and distribution of product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. 180+ customers with 750 brands around the world rely on inRiver’s PIM platform for efficiently controlling the product flow for their globally recognized brands. Read more about our PIM platform.

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Klish Group is a technology services and software company that develops and delivers Autonomy Enterprise Content Management solutions for a wide range of industries. We offer content management strategy, architecture, project management, requirements gathering, design, development, testing, delivery, and ‘run & maintain’ services. Our consulting experts have over 15 years of experience implementing Enterprise Content Management solutions. We are one of the most experienced and technically well-versed companies in the Autonomy space. For more information, visit


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Microsoft Authorized Xbox Test Program (AXTP) is comprised of third-party, qualified vendors approved by Microsoft that have a proven track record of testing Xbox One, Xbox 360, Live apps and Xbox Live on Windows and Windows Phone games.

As part of the Microsoft AXTP, Lionbridge provides quality assurance testing services for Xbox One and Xbox 360 at a secure, dedicated center of excellence in Warsaw, Poland. Both publishers and developers are able to use this program to test their Xbox applications for compliance and functional requirements. Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, serving customers around the globe for decades. For more information, visit


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OpenText™ (Nasdaq: OTEX; TSX: OTC), the global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, helps organizations to grow their business, lower costs of operations, and reduce information governance and security related risks. OpenText focuses on the key drivers of business success to improve business insight, strengthen business impact, accelerate process velocity, address information governance and provide security. Our offerings span Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Customer Experience Management, Information Exchange and Discovery. By unleashing the power of information, OpenText software helps more than 50,000 global customers to transform their businesses according to their strategic aspirations. For more, visit

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Oracle Marketing Cloud provides data-driven solutions to unify marketing resources and empower teams to deliver more personalized customer experiences across every channel that attract and retain ideal customers. Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions power the success of award-winning marketing teams worldwide. They target, engage, convert, analyze, and use marketing technology and expertise to transform marketing in the digital age. For more information, visit

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Sitecore is a global software company that creates products to deliver the most relevant experience and content to customers at any moment of interaction and via any communications channel – the web, email, mobile, social and offline. Our customer experience management platform combines proven web content management with customer intelligence to create a single view of a customer that drives meaningful interactions, increases conversions and builds lifetime customers. Global brands, including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken, LEGO, Microsoft, and Nestle rely on Sitecore to get and keep loyal customers who engage more and drive revenue growth. For more information, visit

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Telerik Sitefinity™ is a leading content management and customer analytics platform used by some of the world’s most successful organizations to streamline website and digital asset translation processes. Sitefinity’s connector software seamlessly integrates with Clay Tablet technology so you can easily transfer content to Lionbridge for translation.

With Lionbridge’s translation management portal you get the visibility you need for real-time project status monitoring, collaborative reviews, and more. Together, Lionbridge and Telerik Sitefinity make it easy for you to manage multilingual content—all while ensuring global brand consistency and local-market relevance. Learn more about simplifying content management with Sitefinity.


Transifex is a Localization Automation Platform built for companies with rapid development cycles. It centralizes and streamlines your localization process.

Transifex is a Localization Automation Platform built for companies with rapid development cycles. It centralizes and streamlines your localization process.

Transifex’s API and Git-like command-line client enable you to create a continuous localization workflow. Continuous localization ensures that new content is always translated, and the latest translations are available for each release.This means faster time-to-market, less strain on engineering, and a better experience for end users.

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Using the new Lionbridge onDemand for WordPress solution, you can quickly and easily send content for translation and track the status of your project, all from within WordPress.

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