Content Development

  • Technical

    Companies like General Motors and Volvo rely on Lionbridge’s technical publications services

    Continuous innovation provides competitive advantages, but it can also put a tremendous burden on your technical publications department. Lionbridge Technical Publications services keep you ahead of the curve, with our deep expertise across various media and a global presence that makes us unrivaled in both authoring and translation.

    Lionbridge Technical Publications services fuel competitive advantage by allowing you to focus on your core business while lowering your project management and fixed overhead expenses. What’s more, our global footprint allows us to deliver cost-effective and culturally appropriate content translation whenever and wherever you need it.

    Technical Authoring

    Excellent technical authoring can accelerate user adoption, increase customer loyalty, reduce support costs and increase overall customer satisfaction. Lionbridge technical authoring services can help you turn technical documentation into competitive advantage, with our deep expertise in writing user-focused product documentation across various media – all with a global presence that makes us unrivaled in both authoring and translation.

    Data Conversion

    For global enterprises, ensuring data consistency and quality across business units is an essential ingredient in long-term ROI. Lionbridge Data Conversion specialists are adept at building well-defined content strategies that help drive discovery and analysis, identify redundancies, extract metadata, implement data conversion pilots, plot long-term roadmaps, and assist with the high-volume data conversion that is critical to delivering content with uncompromising quality.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Design

    Lionbridge is ISO 9001:2008 certified

    Outsourcing engineering design and drafting is a smart move – if you select a partner with standards as high as your own. Lionbridge Design and Drafting Services begin and end with excellent project management processes that ensure a flawless result. With 20+ years of experience, our proven quality control system and drafting processes allow us to provide a high level of customer satisfaction in quality, cost and delivery.

    Lionbridge has a proven track record of success in providing quality design and drafting services to long-term customers in the aerospace, military and heavy truck industries. We process thousands of engineering drawings and changes each year, working closely with our clients to track, measure and score process goals on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Our specific expertise includes:

    • Creating detailed drawings from source data
    • Measuring physical components
    • Creating 3D parametric CAD models
    • Validating drawings
    • Ensuring document change control
    • Controlling and managing PDM systems
    • Design and detailing for product component parts and assemblies
    • High volume drawing change implementations
    • Tooling of fixtures, gauges, rigs, test equipment and assembly tools

    A key aspect of our service delivery is our ability to support a wide range of software tools, most notably:

    • Unigraphics
    • Pro-Engineer
    • CATIA
    • Solid Works
    • Solid Edge
    • AutoCAD
    • RASTER
    • TeamCenter
    • Windchill


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Global

    Lionbridge named a Top Training Company in 2015

    Your employees, customers, partners and vendors are some of your most important assets, and ensuring they have the training they need is priority one. State-of-the-art Global Learning Development solutions from Lionbridge both enlighten and empower your audiences to use, sell and support your company’s products and services.

    Lionbridge named a Top Training Company in 2015Whether you’re looking for a learning needs assessment, curriculum development, or production services, Lionbridge can help you effectively reach learners in all markets from our worldwide learning solution centers.

    Lionbridge is the only training company in the world that can offer training design, development and localization services all under one roof. This gives us a highly efficient focus on the global learning audience that translates into streamlined costs and delivery of learning content worldwide.

    We help clients in two key areas of learning development:

    Learning Consulting

    Lionbridge learning experts can help your company optimize the development of global training to define learning solutions that improve business outcomes.

    Our Learning Consulting services include:

    • Curricula analysis and training audits
    • Content definition and task analysis
    • Learning strategy
    • LMS and learning authoring tool selection
    • Internationalization and globalization of learning content

    eLearning and Instructor-Led Training

    Training is critical to the success of any organization. Lionbridge will work with you to design face-to-face or virtual classroom eLearning and instructor-led training to improve performance for audiences around the world.
    Lionbridge eLearning and Instructor-Led Training Services include:

    Our learning experts can work with your existing content or we can design and develop content from conception to delivery. In all cases, we consider the requirements of your global audiences and design learning experiences that are culturally neutral and context-specific.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Rich


    Rich media is not just for marketing anymore. There is a high demand for media-rich content in training materials, technical documentation and web content as well. Using rich media to deliver information can improve customer engagement, flatten the learning curve, reduce support requests and ultimately drive greater user satisfaction and loyalty. Lionbridge Rich Media services include end-to-end development and production and even translation and localization – all with a single point of contact for the entire process.

    By using interactivity, animation and sound, Lionbridge can move your content from simply telling readers what to do, to engaging them as end users in an interactive dialog. Our team will work with you to select material that is most appropriate for conversion to rich media, and we will help you explore the many benefits of transforming your content.

    Our teams consist of:

    • Information designers and content creators with experience in user documentation and eLearning
    • Graphic designers with experience in CAD conversion, animation development, interactivity, and user interface design
    • Developers with experience in a range of rich media application and tools


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Mobile


    Today, users demand mobile access to all kinds of content – for training, information and on-the-job use. But delivering on those demands presents many challenges and design decisions around mobile platforms, technologies and devices, native versus web applications, training versus performance support and Augmented Reality. Lionbridge Mobile Content experts can help you navigate these complex decisions so that your mobile content works flawlessly and looks amazing no matter where – or how – your users are accessing it.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Engineering

    Lionbridge engineering teams have 23 years of experience on average

    The success of any project turns on the quality of the underlying mechanical design and engineering. When it comes time for engineering outsourcing on these critical tasks, Lionbridge can help you respond quickly to fluctuating resource demands with confidence. We give you access to the expertise and advanced problem-solving skills of our worldwide mechanical design and engineering teams, and our global delivery model allows us to complete your projects on time, on the mark and on budget – every time.

    Productive, Cost-Effective Solutions

    Lionbridge Engineering Outsourcing services focus on the layout, design, CAD drafting, and FEA analysis of mechanical systems and parts. We have deep experience working with agricultural manufacturers, automotive sub-systems, aerospace, aircraft engine, diesel engine, heavy machinery, off-highway equipment, power generation, transportation, and military equipment. Our teams are ready to assist you with any of your mechanical design challenges:

    • Conceptual Design
      • Brainstorming
      • Ergonomics
      • Feasibility
      • Style and industrial design
    • Cost Reduction
      • Component optimization
      • Concurrent engineering
      • Design for manufacturability
      • Product commercialization
    • Engine Applications Design
      • Emissions/performance up-fit
      • Engine studies for engine selection
      • Generators/power units
      • On/off highway
      • Replacements/kit packages
    • Product Development & Reverse Engineering
      • Assist with statement of work
      • Complete technical data package
      • Create various concepts
      • Engineer and design products
      • Fabricate and assemble prototypes
      • Select purchased components
      • Test and validate designs
    • Prototype Fabrication, Assembly & Test
      • Build from design or design from build
      • Fabricate components
      • Purchase components and assemble
      • Install power and driver components
      • Use customer vendors or local vendors

    Our engineering work supports the following standards:

    • ANSI
    • ASME
    • ISO
    • MIL-SPEC
    • MIL-STD
    • SAE


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales