Data Management Services

This solution allows companies to efficiently manage large amounts of unprocessed data from multiple languages. Clients use this solution because it parses and sorts a company’s raw data and returns a finished deliverable full of clarity and insight.

Search Relevance

Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing uses in-market human annotators to verify the relevance of your search results in a specific market. Based on the crowd’s feedback you can adjust your search strategy accordingly. If you don’t speak the language it’s impossible to get an accurate impression of your search results. Clients rely on this solution for genuine feedback from native speakers.

User Generated Content Translation

Crowd translation of user generated content (blogs, messages, surveys, reviews) allows clients to repurpose valuable pieces of consumer advocacy for a new target language. This solution means pieces of consumer content, just like corporate content, will no longer be restricted to one language.

In-Country Testing

In-country testing from Lionbridge allows you to test mobile apps, devices, network compatibility, ecommerce capability in the markets where your product and services will be consumed. With this solution you can get an honest assessment of the performance of your product in a given market.

Language Transcription

Rely on the Lionbridge crowdsourcing transcription to take your speech or audio file and convert it to a written document. Lionbridge’s experience with transcription is evident in the final product we deliver to our clients.

Private Crowd

Private Crowd from Lionbridge is a customizable crowdsourcing solution where you can craft innovative labor solutions for your business.