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    Global Email Solution Preview

    Email Campaign Management and Translation Solutions for your Global Marketing Needs

    Email marketing is a powerful communication tool in today’s digitally focused environment where the buyer’s journey depends on a multi-touch approach. Global email marketing allows marketers to reach global buyers they couldn’t have otherwise. Email can be a buyer’s first exposure to a brand or a resource to nurture them to a conversion. Global Email by Lionbridge simplifies the process of email translation, localizing landing pages and PDF assets, while keeping the translated content as valuable as it was originally written. Experienced professionals handle the global email campaign management.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Global SEO
    & SEM

    Achieve up to a 300% increase in web conversions

    You want to take your global SEO and SEM campaigns into new markets. But you’re savvy enough to know that literally translated keywords won’t click with local users. Lionbridge uses a network of in-market experts to develop highly-relevant multilingual keywords and ad copy for every new market you’re entering – so you can achieve better search engine visibility and increase traffic and conversions.

    Our Global Search Marketing solutions combine in-market experts with automated suggestion tools to build highly-relevant, localized keywords, supporting your global SEM. By moving from human or machine translation to localization, many of our clients have seen their conversions rise more than 300 percent.

    • Platform Integration: We integrate with the top ad spend platforms to make it easy to extract base campaign information and load back localized data for all markets.
    • Fast Turnaround: We provide turnaround in days, not weeks
    • Test Drive Us:  Pick a campaign. We’ll provide machine and human translation and localized keywords so you can track the performance difference across all three approaches. We’ll run the test at the same cost as your current provider.

    For international SEO, our in-market experts understand and quickly respond to global algorithm updates on the world’s top search engines, allowing your brand to stay on top of changes, trends and updates.

    • Global Search Performance: We’ll provide analysis of search engine rankings for current in-market websites across multiple markets in relation to your competition
    • International Keyword Optimization: Your team will research and curate keywords with high relevancy and search volumes for each market
    • Content Keyword Mapping: To gain rankings, we’ll insert top keywords in website metadata and content to ensure optimization
    • On-going iSEO Management:  We’ll monitor your competitors, ensuring each of your sites is up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes and web regulations using our iSEO platform,  powered by BrightEdge ©


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • SEO Web

    Lionbridge is helping leading marketers measure and improve their global digital presence

    You know you need to drive quality traffic to your website, engage your customers and prospects, and increase conversions worldwide. Our SEO Web Translation solution ensures your content is on-point, so it attracts multilingual customers while increasing international search engine rankings. You’ll work with a team of local experts to find a flexible solution that fits your needs while defining achievable goals. In-market translation will support your global web presence, so you can get the best output in all languages worldwide.


    • Branded Content: Copy will stay true to its original message, no matter what the language
    • Cultural Relevancy: Content that resonates in-market, without compromising the initial goal
    • Production Structure: Our model is structured enough to ensure results, yet flexible enough to hit your goals
    • Global Rankings: With support for 84 country combinations across six continents, your site will be found.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Marketing

    Deliver 10-30% uplift in your global campaign results

    Taking your message to an international audience used to require you to choose between globally consistent or locally optimized campaigns. But now you can handle both with the help of Lionbridge Global Campaign Management Operations.  We’ll help produce, deliver and optimize your digital campaigns and content across channels and over borders. And we’ll do it with better efficiency, greater effectiveness and lower cost.

    With our global marketing campaign management solution, we’ll translate and localize your content, setting up strong global campaigns and connecting you to your top markets.  Our Global Campaign Operations solution will keep your campaign vision in sight while in-market experts appropriately adapt multi-channel content for each culture you’re targeting.

    • Transcreation: Local translators maintain consistent messaging and ensure cultural relevance, tone and style within each market
    • Deadline-oriented: Campaign is Six Sigma-managed to meet strict deadlines while building ROI
    • Analytics: We’ll finish with a thorough review and analysis, allowing you to view your entire global campaign metrics


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Web

    Lionbridge has reduced website management costs for Cisco by 35%

    Keeping your global digital presence relevant and up-to-date is a business imperative. Global Web Operations from Lionbridge is a single solution that can streamline global web operations, accelerate time-to-market for content updates, apply digital assets regionally, and reduce website publishing and management costs while giving you total control over the entire process.

    Our follow-the-sun Global Web Operations solution is designed for the ad-hoc nature of your international WWW production. We’ll manage everything from updates, web publishing, optimization and analytics tracking – and you’ll never need to break a sweat.

    • Flexible infrastructure: Our established process, technology and staff get the job done with effective, scalable results.
    • No IT changes: The solution functions with your existing technologies. No need to make changes or install new software.
    • Stay on-brand and on-policy: In-market experts will follow your company’s existing policies and procedures to publish content within your system and on the site.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Video
    & Subtitling


    Video content makes a major impact on your customers’ purchasing decisions, but what if they can’t understand what you’re saying? A heavy-hitting global marketing campaign includes Video Localization & Subtitling, making your content reach further to captivate audiences worldwide.

    Simple translations just don’t cut it when it comes to video localization. Multilingual video content needs to take a deeper dive, from subtitles to voice overs, dubbing and lip syncing. Our Video Localization & Subtitling solution ticks all the boxes with the added benefit of an in-market language expert to ensure your video hits the mark in each region.

    • Multilingual Voice-Overs: No matter the market, voice-overs can replace audio without getting tangled up in complexities.
    • International Dubbing: A top method for international video content, we’ll translate spoken text and match it to the lips of your actors.
    • Global Lip-Sync: Help audiences understand video by ensuring actors’ lips move simultaneously with dubbing.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Website Translation
    & Localization

    SEO translation increases your website traffic by 15-40%

    Use website translation services to build business and get personal on a global scale 

    Website translation and localization means adapting site content and functional elements to the local language and culture of your target markets. It’s a business-critical process for organizations with global reach or aspirations. According to Forrester Research, in a world where only 27% of online content is in English, people are three times more likely to buy a product when they’re addressed in their own language.

    A localized website is indispensable for building international business and delivering a consistent, global customer experience with local relevance. But developing the right translation / localization strategy can be complicated. Since your company has unique requirements including key audiences, languages, content types, budget, translation quality, and more—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to website translation services.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Desktop

    Cut your document publishing time by a 1/3

    You’ve invested a lot of time and effort to make your documents look their best. When it’s time to translate them for new markets, simply adding new text to the same layout is not the right answer. Lionbridge desktop publishing services can not only source nuanced translations of even the most complex languages, but we can also lay out your documents so they reflect your brand and the expectations of the local market – whether or not you have the original file. And we do it all with high quality and fast turnaround.

    Our in-market DTP specialists will make sure your documents stay on-brand, on-voice and up-to-par while working to craft culturally-relevant content, graphics and layouts. We’ll work with you to expand or reduce text while ensuring images and symbols are appropriate within each region.

    • Preserve Brand Identity: We’ll maintain your documents’ original look and feel while ensuring content, images and colors are culturally-appropriate.
    • In-Market Language Specialist: You’ll have access to a local language expert, who can offer guidance on images, symbols, content and layout.
    • Document Presentation: Don’t let your layout and design lose its intent. Your in-market specialist will maintain the look and feel of your original concept.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Global

    Social networks are the second most influential source of online traffic for travel suppliers, EyeforTravel

    Social media only works if you’re paying attention – and can make sense of what’s going on. Global Social Media solutions from Lionbridge allow you to listen, measure, and engage your customers across the entire social web – and the entire world. We not only listen, we understand, and then pass the results on to you in the form of actionable market intelligence that you can use to support global marketing efforts.

    With our Social Operations solution, you’ll have an in-market team connecting with local audiences, managing and tracking posts, and working to meet project-specific goals – all while maintaining on-going metrics.

    Our Social Media Monitoring solution pulls out your raw data, translates it with the help of both humans and machines and pumps it back into your system in your domestic language.

    With our Social Intelligence solution, we’ll leverage our team of experts to examine and monitor your data and metrics, synthesizing it into reports that you can easily understand and work with tactically.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Multimedia

    Increase market share by customizing your multimedia for local markets

    Multimedia content is designed to make an impact. But when you start targeting a global audience, you need to be sure that impact is a good one – with content that’s relevant to each market and maintains your brand image. Lionbridge is the industry leader in customizing multimedia for local markets. Our end-to-end multimedia localization services include project setup, translation, component localization and multilingual voiceovers along with QA and testing – with a single point of contact for the entire process.

    Lionbridge Video Translation Services offer three unique options to connect you quickly with in-market customers, with all costs bundled into a per-video language-minute fee.


    RVT_Subtitles    VoiceOver


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Transcreation

    Improve your global campaign results by 30%

    Adapt Your Creative Marketing Concepts for a Global Audience

    Transcreation is the process of recreating precise brand content for a target language. Standard translation and localization services don’t effectively preserve the creative and emotional intent of creative content that allows it to best resonate in other languages and cultures. To ensure this content will be successful internationally, transcreation adapts the intent of the original text.

    Examples of such content include:

    • Tag Lines
    • Advertisements
    • Brand messaging
    • Web copy 
    • and much more

    Creating good content is expensive. You pay this premium so that your content is valuable and has resonance with a desired audience.  Our transcreation service protects this investment and allows you to provide a consistent global customer experience. We support transcreation into over 100 languages with our dedicated team of in-country transcreation professionals who are experts in linguistics, marketing, creative copywriting and design.

    Continue reading below to learn more about transcreation.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Language

    Increase quality with an independent audit program that guarantees unbiased reviews

    When you’re working with several different language service providers (LSPs), you’re more than likely to run into challenges with quality control. Lionbridge provides translation testing to assure language quality – even if we’re not your LSP. Our independent LQS translation testing review process provides standardized language quality assurance for all your translated content – delivered with Lionbridge quality that gives you confidence in your translations.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales