Global Email Services

Global Email by Lionbridge localizes emails, landing pages and PDF assets for a target market. Professionals review and approve the content before it is deployed as part of a global campaign.

Campaign Management

This solution localizes your content and prepares it for global campaigns. In-market experts adapt your content for each specific language.

Web Operations

A solution that takes all the necessary steps to prepare your site for global web operations. Our approach to website translation includes multiple options, each of which can be adjusted to meet your vision.

Global SEO & SEM

In-market specialists translate keywords and ad copy for a target language. Clients use this solution in order to achieve better search engine visibility for their localized sites.

Global Social Media

This solution helps companies establish a social media presence in a targeted market. Clients work with in-market experts to expand their social strategy.

SEO Web Translation

Work with website translation specialists to maintain the effectiveness of your site’s SEO in the target language.

Translation Proxy

Translation Proxy is a cloud based platform that seamlessly adapts content on your multilingual sites when changes are made to your primary site. This is the solution for any company who wants to avoid the ripple effect that comes with making changes to your main site. Make edits to your main site and rely on Translation Proxy to match the edits in the other language versions.

Video Localization & Subtitling

This solution localizes your video content. By applying subtitles, voiceover or a combination of both, your video content will be ready for a global audience.

Desktop Publishing Services

Translating desktop publishing documents is more complicated than traditional text content. Our experts preserve the layout of the document while providing a seamless translation.