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  • onDemand

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    If your organization is like most, you have an ongoing need to get content professionally translated, but you have limited amounts of time and budget to get it done. onDemand by Lionbridge provides professional translation services at the click of a button. onDemand features an easy-to-use interface, expedited turnaround times, low prices, enterprise quality and instant quotes. Choose from a wide range of services, file types, source and target languages.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Software

    software localization

    Reach a global audience with your software and applications

    Software localization is the process of translating the text and adjusting the functional elements of a software application so it can be used by consumers internationally. At Lionbridge we offer best-in-class methodology and the most advanced localization technologies to ensure that your software is ready for global consumption.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Website Translation
    & Localization

    SEO translation increases your website traffic by 15-40%

    Use website translation services to build business and get personal on a global scale 

    Website translation and localization means adapting site content and functional elements to the local language and culture of your target markets. It’s a business-critical process for organizations with global reach or aspirations. According to Forrester Research, in a world where only 27% of online content is in English, people are three times more likely to buy a product when they’re addressed in their own language.

    A localized website is indispensable for building international business and delivering a consistent, global customer experience with local relevance. But developing the right translation / localization strategy can be complicated. Since your company has unique requirements including key audiences, languages, content types, budget, translation quality, and more—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to website translation services.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Smart

    Using SAT, Lionbridge processed 10 million words 3x faster for a leading European financial institution

    As your organization produces more technical content, the expense of translating it grows. To support the languages of your customers, and stay within budget, you need a more affordable translation solution. Smart Automated Translation (SAT) is a breakthrough translation process that delivers both cost savings and rapid turnaround. It features machine translation technology, efficient work processes and specialized human post-editing to deliver a low-cost, efficient solution for translating high-volume technical content. SAT offers publishable quality to meet your business goals.

    As a solution from Lionbridge, SAT reflects our commitment to using automation to address our customers’ cost and quality requirements. It is a unique and highly-effective approach to solving the challenges of high-volume translation.

    • Reduces translation costs by 30-50%
    • Decreases turnaround time by 40%
    • Produces publishable quality content

    SAT is ideally suited for high-volume technical content.

    • Technical manuals
    • Assembly instructions
    • Parts catalogs
    • Internal documentation
    • Release notes
    • Support content
    • Employee handbooks
    • Installation, operator and maintenance manuals


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Agile

    Agile Translation

    Your global operations move quickly and when it comes to translation you need options that keep pace. Agile Translation from Lionbridge provides a quick, easy way to procure translation services for small, frequently occurring content needs – things like marketing materials, slogans, ad copy, labels and packaging, product bulletins and technical instructions. Working through a user-friendly portal, customers simply select a delivery option— rush (< 24 hours), standard or flexible — to receive an instant quote and upload their content.

    Lionbridge guarantees on-time delivery with the quality and service levels you need. Agile Translation is ideal for unforecasted projects with low word counts (5-5000 words). It solves the challenge of disaggregated, high-frequency translation with low cost and fast delivery.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Machine

    For every one million words of content, fully automated MT can cost as much as $220,000 less than human translation, Common Sense Advisory

    Global expansion often means translating large volumes of content in a short timeframe and on an even shorter budget. Machine Translation from Lionbridge offers a low cost alternative to human translation for when you need to quickly translate large volumes of content. What’s more, we have the resources to develop a custom translation environment that can include machine translation in combination with other translation methods for an outcome that meets your requirements and budget.

    Lionbridge offers three types of MT services to support the growing demand for lower cost translation. Each features a unique level of sophistication and output quality.

    1. Machine Translation with Full Post Edit — This approach is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of MT without forgoing quality. It is a two-phase process that features a quick machine translation round followed by a full human post-edit round. The post-edit round enhances the raw MT output with accurate context, cultural nuances, local references and industry jargon. This option provides up to 30% cost savings over pure human translation and is best suited for high-exposure, high-value content.
    2. Smart Automated Translation — For clients looking for even greater savings —  between 40 and 80% — Lionbridge uses Smart Automated Translation, a proprietary approach that uses technology tools to break document files into strings and combine like strings before machine translating them. What results is a project with fewer overall words and fewer file management requirements. A targeted human post-edit round, based on content type and topic, adds to the efficiency of the SAT process. It is an innovative method of translating large volumes of content that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to publish.
    3. Raw Machine Translation — Raw machine translation is the lowest cost option and is best suited for low-profile content. With raw MT, the quality depends entirely on the intelligence of the MT engine. Lionbridge MT engines are continuously trained to surpass the accuracy of generic online translation tools. The use of raw MT can offer benefits of speed, cost savings and higher volume processing for lower level content.

    How MT Helps

    • Increases the amount of content you can afford to translate>
    • Reduces your overall translation costs
    • Helps you reach global customers faster
    • Offers different levels of automation for different quality needs


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Real-Time

    “With GeoFluent, our customers can empower global communities in minutes.” Rob Howard, Founder and CTO, Telligent

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Crowdsourced

    Enterprise Crowdsourcing is changing the way work gets done

    You probably have a wealth of non-traditional content – like blogs, wikis and other less formal content – supporting your brand. And when you want to reach new markets, all of that content can help you spread your message – providing it can be cost-effectively translated into the local language. Crowdsourced Translation from Lionbridge combines our proven localization expertise with our unique ability to harness the power of the global crowd to deliver fast, cost-effective translation with one point of contact for a hassle-free solution.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Life Sciences

    Lionbridge supports large clinical trials with 5000+ participants in 15+ countries

    Translating critical medical documents requires a very specialized skill set. Lionbridge has a dedicated team of subject matter experts who specialize in translation services for the life sciences industry. With support for more than 150 languages and a network of over 10,000 qualified translators, we are able to scale programs worldwide. And, our innovative global technology solutions give you medical translation and localization services that are both efficient and cost effective.

    Learn about the global clinical trial trends affecting today’s life sciences leaders. Download our DIA 2013 Pulse Poll.

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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Transcreation

    Improve your global campaign results by 30%

    Adapt Your Creative Marketing Concepts for a Global Audience

    Transcreation is the process of recreating precise brand content for a target language. Standard translation and localization services don’t effectively preserve the creative and emotional intent of creative content that allows it to best resonate in other languages and cultures. To ensure this content will be successful internationally, transcreation adapts the intent of the original text.

    Examples of such content include:

    • Tag Lines
    • Advertisements
    • Brand messaging
    • Web copy 
    • and much more

    Creating good content is expensive. You pay this premium so that your content is valuable and has resonance with a desired audience.  Our transcreation service protects this investment and allows you to provide a consistent global customer experience. We support transcreation into over 100 languages with our dedicated team of in-country transcreation professionals who are experts in linguistics, marketing, creative copywriting and design.

    Continue reading below to learn more about transcreation.

    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Interpreter

    Access 3,000 highly-qualified Lionbridge phone interpreters around-the-clock

    When vital information has to cross language barriers in real time, there’s no room for error. Lionbridge offers telephonic, onsite and simultaneous interpretation services in over 300 languages – including support for rare languages. And all of our interpreter services include a customized engagement model and personalized service. Lionbridge interpretation services ensure you’ll never be at a loss for words.

    Phone Interpretation On-Demand

    When selecting a partner to deliver high-quality phone interpretation services, quality, reliability and accessibility are paramount. Our interpreters are carefully selected and trained to achieve the highest levels of quality. That means we can satisfy your demand for highly-skilled telephone interpreters around the clock, on demand and with a scalable delivery model and one point of contact for all your phone interpretation needs.

    Onsite Language Interpretation Services

    Sometimes phone interpretation isn’t practical, legally allowable or socially correct. In these cases, you need an onsite interpreter who is not only skilled in language interpretation services, but also presents a professional appearance that reflects well on your organization.

    Lionbridge onsite interpreters are carefully screened and selected to deliver the highest quality language interpretation services. In addition, they are thoroughly trained and tested on their knowledge of protocol and ethics before they set foot on your site. With a network of over 10,000 interpreters, we can source onsite interpretation services quickly, and as close to your site as possible in order to reduce travel costs and time delays.

    Simultaneous Interpretation for Your Next Meeting

    When your event involves attendees who speak more than one language, accurate and professionally-delivered simultaneous interpretation services can be “make or break.”

    Lionbridge simultaneous interpreters are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal and professional qualities. Many have advanced degrees in interpretation, linguistics, or a particular language, and have highly specialized subject matter knowledge. This level of expertise allows us to source the right linguists and provide the most effective simultaneous interpretation for your event.

    These highly-skilled interpreters provide simultaneous, consecutive, relay and whispered conference interpretation services for conferences, meetings, legal proceedings and more via onsite or phone interpretation.

    Interpretation Standards—Focused on Quality

    Quality is the most critical aspect of interpretation services. But “quality” may mean different things to different organizations. That is why Lionbridge has developed a quality assurance (QA) process for ensuring professional interpretation standards that are based on a collaborative, customer-driven model of continuous improvement.

    Our process is based on industry best practices and leading research on interpretation standards. But we don’t stop there; we actively seek client feedback and use your responses to enhance our process further. This results in continuous improvement of our already high-quality interpretation services, based on your requirements.

    Combined with our customized engagement models, personalized service and rare language support, the result is high quality professional interpretation services that will continue to meet your exacting standards and evolving needs.

    A Turnkey Solution for Quality Interpretation Services

    Lionbridge offers a range of interpretation services that add up to a turnkey solution for multilingual communication:

    Customized Programs – Including custom glossary and training development, thorough interpreter onboarding, and account management based on your specific needs.
    Attentive Service – Enjoy the stability and security of a large company with the customized service, personal attention, quick reaction time, and innovative thinking of a small company.
    Comprehensive Language Support – Access interpreter services in over 300 languages; we truly support rare languages with a full roster of working interpreters behind each one.
    Specialized Expertise – Request a Lionbridge interpreter with the training and expertise you need for your specific requirement, from healthcare to legal services and more.
    Expansive Capabilities – Our network of over 10,000 interpreters handles thousands of assignments per month, and we can quickly handle volume increases or new language support requests.
    High Quality Interpretation Services – Cutting-edge screening and testing programs along with InterpBridge, our online training and professional development portal, help ensure high quality; fewer than 25% of applicants pass our rigorous screening process.
    Security and Confidentiality – All of our interpreters must meet basic security and confidentiality requirements, and a high percentage of them have also passed rigorous government background checks and security clearances.
    Convenient Account Service – Our secure, password-protected InterpBridge web portal gives you access to interpreter services scheduling, account information and timely reporting.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Internationalization

    Lionbridge has specialized in internationalization services since 1993

    Building a globally acceptable software application goes way beyond development. Before your software can be localized, it must undergo a specialized internationalization process that readies it for other language versions without changing the core application. Lionbridge has a long history of providing internationalization services, helping companies expedite the release of high-performance software in multiple languages and markets.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • eLearning and

    When you move into new locales, you need to adapt your training and eLearning programs to deliver targeted, relevant instruction to new employees and customers. Lionbridge can help you maintain a consistent, dynamic training program by transforming your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual training solution.

    Our award-winning training translation specialists are skilled at creating and delivering culturally appropriate materials across a variety of training platforms.

    Rapid eLearning Translation

    Translating eLearning materials should be simple, but finding high-quality, fast service is challenging. Lionbridge has three eLearning options to solve this problem:

    1. Text only: We deliver text translations of your eLearning content in 3-5 days at $0.20 per word across all available languages. Translations are returned to you in the same file format in which you submitted them.
    2. Slides: We provide text translation for slides and notes in 5-10 days at $30 per slide. The delivered files include translations in your chosen slide format, in one file per language.
    3. Slides and Voiceover: In addition to providing text translation for slides and notes, we also provide a voiceover of the notes text for each language in 5-14 days at $150 per slide. Additionally, we merge the output into the correct eLearning format for each language


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Language

    Increase quality with an independent audit program that guarantees unbiased reviews

    When you’re working with several different language service providers (LSPs), you’re more than likely to run into challenges with quality control. Lionbridge provides translation testing to assure language quality – even if we’re not your LSP. Our independent LQS translation testing review process provides standardized language quality assurance for all your translated content – delivered with Lionbridge quality that gives you confidence in your translations.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales

  • Managed


    Lionbridge combines high-quality, in-country translation with centralized management processes to deliver reliable centrally-managed translation services around the world. We work with your organization to address both language and culture issues to ensure your international audiences perceive your products and content as you intend.

    Our managed translation services help you:

    • Adapt products, packaging, content and websites to meet the diverse requirements of your global customer base
    • Lower your translation costs
    • Accelerate time-to-market
    • Leverage translation assets and technology
    Centralized Process Backed by Local In-Country Expertise

    Lionbridge translation teams include staff linguists, project managers, and subject matter experts in 26 countries. They understand how to optimize workloads, track individual capabilities and error rates, and assure consistency–not only between translators working in a single language but also among multi-language teams. The end results are program-level processes and oversight that reduce your costs significantly.


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    Lionbridge helps software companies deliver products in 100s of languages and locales