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When you go after global markets, it’s best to go with the global leader. According to industry experts Common Sense Advisory, Lionbridge is the world’s number-one language services provider (LSP) in terms of size, revenue, and breadth of services.

How did we get there? By enabling more than 800 world-leading brands to increase global market share, speed product adoption, and more effectively engage customers in local markets worldwide.

So as you seek new ways to reach, engage, and support customers and prospects, we’ll help with solutions that span all channels, platforms, and devices. And with our unique combination of geography, technology, and language and cultural expertise, we’ll help you connect with more customers everywhere—through the most diverse portfolio of language translation services including;

  • Translation & Localization of Content
  • Real-Time Translation for Chat & Forums
  • Interpreting Services
  • Website & Software Localization

Partner with us for deep language and cultural expertise to support your global business needs. Get personal on a global scale by strengthening your connection to consumers everywhere.

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Website Translation & Localization Services

Trust Lionbridge to prepare multilingual versions of your site that maintain your messaging and appeal to global consumers. We provide website translation options that can be tailored to meet your vision.

onDemand Translation

Lionbridge onDemand is an online portal that allows customers to upload their files for professional translation services. The translation is then performed by a native speaker and returned to the customer digitally.

Software Localization

Partner with Lionbridge to localize your software and applications for a global audience. We offer compressive services to suit your unique needs; from localization of software content to an end to end engagement that includes consulting, project management and development support.

Life Sciences Medical Translation

Life Sciences Medical Translation is a solution designed to handle the translation of medical and legal content. The native speakers who translate these documents are trained to handle complicated, industry-specific terms.

Transcreation Services

Lionbridge transcreation is a solution that preserves the intent of sales and marketing content when translating between languages. The effectiveness of this type of content relies on precision and that is why the Lionbridge transcreation process uses in-market specialists to transform your marketing concepts for your target language.

Machine Translation

Machine translation is the appropriate solution when you need to translate large volumes of content in a short amount of time. Clients find machine translation is the proper alternative when projects are so large that the cost or time investment for human translation isn’t feasible.

Smart Automated Translation

Smart Automated Translation (SAT) is a low cost translation option for large technical projects (80,000+ words) that uses a combination of machine translation and human post-editing. SAT specializes in localizing large volumes of technical content with a fast turnaround.

Real-Time Translation

An automated solution that allows for content to be translated across languages in real-time. Clients who require instant online customer support in global markets describe this service as ideal.

Crowdsourced Translation

This solution uses the power of crowdsourcing to provide a translation that is fast and cost-effective from Lionbridge’s global workforce. Clients leverage the power of the Lionbridge crowd to satisfy their translation needs.

Interpreter Services

Lionbridge provides trained interpreters, in over 300 languages, who can help facilitate global business by eliminating language barriers. These professional linguists can provide language assistance either over the phone or onsite. Our interpreters serve as an invaluable resource for clients conducting global business.

Internationalization Services

During the software localization process, before the strings are translated, the user interface first needs to be prepared for internalization. This service prepares a client’s software for a high-quality localized version with a fast turnaround. This process eliminates any source language problems that could disrupt a client’s software localization.

eLearning and Training Translation

This solution handles the translation of eLearning and training materials. Our specialists translate content in the form of files, slides or notes and also can provide translated voiceovers. Clients with global workforces rely on this solution to make their training materials accessible in all languages.

Language Quality Assurance

Use this service to assess the quality of your translated content. Our testing process guarantees an unbiased review of language quality. If you have doubts about the accuracy of your translated content, have a Lionbridge professional read through it and make corrections.

Managed Translation Services

Our managed translation services adapt your products, content and website so that your brand is properly presented to your intended audiences in global markets. For clients who are trepidatious about how a global audience will perceive their brand, this solution helps to make that a smooth transition.

Agile Translation

Agile Translation is a low cost, fast delivery translation option for projects with small word counts (5,000 words or less). This solution is ideal for the translation of marketing materials, slogans, ad copy, labels, product bulletins and technical instructions.

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Lionbridge enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide.