Managed Testing Services

Lionbridge manages testing for companies such as Cisco and HP, and has the experience to serve as your centralized testing resource. Clients use Lionbridge as their testing resource because we offer clarity, both in our process and the results we return to them.

Mobile Device & App Testing

This solution tests mobile apps to ensure the technology is functioning properly and the app is working correctly worldwide. Top companies use Lionbridge as their mobile testing resource because of our diligence in testing all dimensions of the product, in all necessary locations.

Web Application Testing

The Web Application Testing solution tests to ensure that your web app has high performance, optimized SEO and a seamless translation. Lionbridge has the testing infrastructure built to deal with global web apps.

Crowdsourced Testing

Lionbridge Crowdsourced Testing employs the power of our 140,000 member global workforce to test all dimensions of your product.

Video Game Testing

Managing the complexity of testing multiple language UIs and stringent IP protection concerns leads to release delays and potential in-country risks. Lionbridge can take it all off your plate by providing one point of contact for scalable game and localization testing services delivered from our secure facilities.

Test Automation

Manual software testing carries with it labor and opportunity costs. Clients use Lionbridge test automation to reduce costs while increasing their testing capabilities.

Performance Testing

Lionbridge employs business analysts who will test the performance of your site. These analysts will examine the architecture to identify weak points and make recommendations for improvements.

In-country Localization Testing

Our localization testing is performed by in-market specialists who ensure your product is optimized for a particular location. Clients use this solution to get a clear understanding of their status and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Technology Certification

With any technology platform, getting qualified partners engaged – from independent software vendors (ISVs) to systems integrators – is a vital ingredient for building critical mass. Lionbridge has you covered, with end-to-end technology certification programs that include a variety of services, from creating marketing benefits to developing test tools, to executing and administering test programs throughout our worldwide labs.