Select From a Range of Translation Tools For All Your Language Service Needs

Our technologies are like translation tools. You want to choose the right one for the most optimal outcome. At Lionbridge, we provide a range of options to match every variable, so you can be sure you’ve got the right technology, at the right time, and at the right cost for your particular project.

Do you need low-cost, real-time translation for chat or customer support? What about those last-minute, urgent jobs that require both high quality and speed? Could you use a cloud-based platform that adapts content on your multilingual sites when changes are made to your primary site?

From CMS connector technology to tracking and managing translation activity, we’ve got the translation tools you need to get the job done right—and at the right price.

Explore the Translation Technology options below to learn more.



GeoFluent is a machine translation solution for enterprise communities and chat. GeoFluent seamlessly integrates with chat applications and enables engagement with global customers in their preferred language. GeoFluent is the solution for clients who require chat and forum translation.

Freeway Translation Management Portal

Get real-time project visibility, monitor project status and updates, and communicate with team members through this secure, web-based, customer portal.

Translation Management System (TMS)

Lionbridge's Translation Management System automates and accelerates global translation tasks and greatly reduces the cost of supporting local language content.

Lionbridge Linguistic Toolbox

This automated linguistic QA tool provides quality control checks throughout the localization workflow to ensure consistent terminology use and compliance with project requirements.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory (TM) is a tool that stores frequently translated terms to ensure consistent translation. Translators refer to a TM to enhance efficiency and increase the quality of translations. This degree of personalization helps clients’ documents maintain of consistency of voice even in a second language.

Natural Language Solutions

Natural Language Solutions (NLS) at Lionbridge is dedicated to helping you design, develop, implement, test and improve your language-based technology. Whether you're expanding the language set of a predictive text app, enhancing machine translation tools with linguistic information, or training language tools to harness your clients' big data, you need linguistic data and experts who understand how to implement your language technology. Lionbridge provides expert consultation and development support as well as linguistic assets tailored to your specific needs in up to 200 languages.

Lionbridge Translation Workspace™

Translation Workspace is a solution that supports millions of Translation Memory databases across 100s of languages. Translation Workspace provides access and updates to Translation Memory glossaries. Together these tools contribute to the high quality translations Lionbridge clients have come to expect.

Terminology Management

This solution is used when translating acronyms, abbreviations and terminology specific to a business or industry. Lionbridge builds translation glossaries for these terms to ensure greater consistency throughout the remainder of the translation. Clients with documents like this can rest assured that their terminology will be handled appropriately.

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