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CMS Integration (Connector-based) Solutions

Streamline and automate localization workflows to meet global market demands

As your company expands globally, it becomes more strongly positioned for growth, increased market share, and international brand exposure. And yet these opportunities also require translating and continuously updating exponentially larger volumes of web content—across multiple languages, channels, and platforms. All of which can introduce unprecedented levels of complexity that can affect time-to-market, quality, and costs.

Overcome complexity and gain control with a direct connection to your LSP

With content management system (CMS) integration solutions from Lionbridge—built on Clay Tablet Technologies—you can overcome complexity to gain control of your high-volume, time-sensitive web localization projects.

Our robust integration software establishes a connection between your global-ready CMS and Lionbridge’s* translation management system (TMS) or other technology. And it serves up a unique user interface (UI) to help you easily manage and monitor your localization projects—directly from within your familiar content creation and publishing environment.

Which means you can simplify and save time and money by eliminating manual file transfer and other error-prone processes. (Specifically, copying and pasting content for translation into Microsoft Word or Excel files and emailing them to your language service provider, or LSP.)

The CMS integration workflow: An overview

Once your content is complete and ready to be translated, you simply select the files you want localized from within your CMS, choose the target languages you need with a simple point-and-click tool—and select submit. Your files are automatically sent to Lionbridge’s TMS, where they are routed for translation. When your translated content is complete, the files are automatically returned to their proper location in your CMS.

And you can monitor your projects with a series of dashboards, to easily track the status of any translation request, in any language, at any time during the process—without logging out of your CMS.

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Automate to improve global customer experience and increase revenues

By automating website translation management, you get the hands-on control you need to boost efficiencies, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs. So you can focus more time on launching locale-specific campaigns, measuring and optimizing for success, and meeting and exceeding global revenue goals. All while providing a truly seamless customer experience to your international audiences.

Our proven CMS integration solutions also help you:

  • Increase global market engagement and customer conversion rates
  • Meet local market demands by enabling the creation of more relevant, locale-specific content
  • Ensure secure, reliable content delivery in one seamless flow—with proven connectors that have been tested and implemented in all leading CMSs
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual file transfer and associated errors
  • Boost team productivity without deploying and learning a new software platform
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with a technology-neutral, open-standards-based solution
  • Connect to virtually any translation system with published APIs

How can you be sure that CMS integration is right for you?

The CMS integration translation method may be ideal for your organization if you:

  • Have a CMS that supports multilingual web content management and publishing
    (True multilingual content management means more than supporting the Unicode** standard. It includes the ability to synchronize the same content across a multitude of languages—among other key functionalities.)
  • Manage medium-to-large deployments with several multilingual sites and substantial amounts of dynamic content
  • Require rapid time-to-market and frequent updates with fast turnarounds
  • Interface with ecommerce, product information management systems (PIM), data warehouses, and other systems
  • Work with multiple content owners, contributors, editors, and stakeholders

Note: Ask a Lionbridge localization expert to help determine if a CMS integration-based approach is the right fit for your global business.

>> Learn more about how CMS integration and connector solutions automate and streamline your multilingual website translation projects to help you successfully meet your global e-business goals. And for more about best practices for website translation and localization, download the new ebook, The Definitive Guide to Website Translation.

*Our unique integration software easily connects any number of CMSs to virtually any LSP’s technology.

**The Unicode standard: According to the Unicode Consortium, “Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the program, no matter what the language.”