eLearning and Training Translation

When you move into new locales, you need to adapt your training and eLearning programs to deliver targeted, relevant instruction to new employees and customers. Lionbridge can help you maintain a consistent, dynamic training program by transforming your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual training solution.

Our award-winning training translation specialists are skilled at creating and delivering culturally appropriate materials across a variety of training platforms.

Rapid eLearning Translation

Translating eLearning materials should be simple, but finding high-quality, fast service is challenging. Lionbridge has three eLearning options to solve this problem:

  1. Text only: We deliver text translations of your eLearning content in 3-5 days at $0.20 per word across all available languages. Translations are returned to you in the same file format in which you submitted them.
  2. Slides: We provide text translation for slides and notes in 5-10 days at $30 per slide. The delivered files include translations in your chosen slide format, in one file per language.
  3. Slides and Voiceover: In addition to providing text translation for slides and notes, we also provide a voiceover of the notes text for each language in 5-14 days at $150 per slide. Additionally, we merge the output into the correct eLearning format for each language.