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Financial Translation Services

Experienced translators who specialize in handling financial content and communications are responsible for your financial document translation.

Our financial translation experts have experience with financial terminology, document types, and regulations. Our specialists possess a detailed knowledge of technical language, industry concepts, and parlance that ensures consistency across languages.

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Lionbridge financial translation services provide a customized approach to accommodate each client’s unique requirements. Our professionals are well versed in the mechanics of international business and provide the best prepared version of your documents for a target language.

When dealing with sensitive and precise content, maintaining the tone and style is of key importance. Our financial translation specialists are able to transfer these intangibles across languages through attention to detail and experience gained through years of experience. Clients benefit from our customized approach that allows them to scale content across languages to reach new stakeholders and customers globally.

Our operations team guarantees data security and complete confidentiality for all of your financial documents. Files and data can be transferred securely through an online Lionbridge portal. Once files have been submitted a project management team works closely with clients to align expectations. Our responsive teams are easily reached and will begin the process so that your deadlines are met.

All Lionbridge financial translation services are done in accordance with SEC regulations.

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Financial Document Translation: Document Types We Handle

  • Annual Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Balance Sheets
  • Customer Correspondence
  • Disclosure Agreements
  • Financial Statement Translation
  • Income Statements
  • Investment Reports
  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)
  • Press Releases
  • Prospectuses
  • RFPs
  • SEC materials
  • Shareholder and investor newsletters
  • Tax Reports