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GeoFluent by Lionbridge, the industry’s only cloud-based, customized, self-service and, real-time translation platform; instantly translates communications into multiple languages. With cost effective, instant, quality translation, you can broaden your reach, unlock new revenue opportunities, strengthen customer loyalty and reduce support costs.

Solution for Real-time Translation

GeoFluent is passionate about effective and engaging global communication. To that end, a key area of focus for the platform is social translation. Venues such as online chat and product forums have become a way consumers expect to interact with the organizations that provides products to them. GeoFluent knows that language considerations must be a non-issue for these environments, which means that the same level of support available in one language must also be available in another. Additionally, translations must also take into consideration branding requirements, so that proper names of products and services are given the same careful treatment that they are given by traditional marketing materials.

In order to be effective, real-time translation technology needs to keep costs low while ensuring that the quality of translated content is actionable for organizations to properly satisfy customer needs. GeoFluent ensures this reality by optimizing your support channels with high-quality real-time translations for a seamless global consumer experience.

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