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Global Email Services

Email campaign management and translation solutions for your global marketing needs

Email marketing is a powerful communication tool in today’s digitally focused environment where the buyer’s journey depends on a multi-touch approach. Global email marketing allows marketers to reach global buyers they couldn’t have otherwise. Email can be a buyer’s first exposure to a brand or a resource to nurture them to a conversion.

Global Email by Lionbridge simplifies the process of email translation, localizing landing pages and PDF assets, while keeping the translated content as valuable as it was originally written. Experienced professionals handle the global email campaign management.

How it's done

The global email process follows this progression; the source content is created, a language service provider localizes the content, in-market experts review and approve the content, the content is deployed as part of a global email campaign.

Our Global Email services takes a company’s emails and supporting content then localizes, tests and distributes it to a target audience via a centralized platform. With the help of Lionbridge:

  • Companies don’t need to replicate the same campaign separately across multiple geographies.
  • Our localization solution increases the global reach of existing email efforts.
  • Email campaign management experts ensure clients maintain brand consistency across different markets.
  • Going forward clients will benefit from access to global behavioral insights from centralized tracking.

Global Email campaign services empower a brand’s unique voice. Developing a successful email campaign requires the appropriate subject lines, copy and imagery. To preserve the effectiveness of these parts of the email in a second language, Lionbridge uses a process called transcreation.

With transcreation, in-market translators take creative marketing copy and recreate the sentiment for a target language. Transcreation ensures consistent messaging, tone and style for international campaigns.


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