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Language Quality Assurance Services

Ensure the quality of translated content by outsourcing the review process

When you’re localizing content into multiple languages, you’re more than likely to run into challenges with the review process that governs quality control. Most companies either do not have or cannot spare the internal resources required to perform in-country review of translated content.

What if we could connect you with a customized linguistic services provider who could handle all of your auditing and reviews offsite? It’s an independent company that focuses on linguistic validation while:

  • Streamlining processes, reducing costs and speeding time-to-market
  • Adding value with subject matter experts (SMEs) in many industries
  • Ensuring quality with long-term outsourced language auditing


Introducing Language Quality Services

Language Quality Services (LQS, a Lionbridge company) is an independent auditor of language services that expertly assesses the quality of your localized content. Since 2000, LQS professionals have been servicing over 150 clients in industries including IT, telecommunications, life sciences, travel and leisure, and machinery.

And with over 400 linguists and SMEs, and production teams in China, India, France, Ireland, and Poland, LQS covers 130 languages.

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How do I know I need these services?

How else do I benefit?

Why Lionbridge and Language Quality Services?



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How do I know I need these services?

When you decide to outsource linguistic reviews, you have more time to step back and strategize—and ensure your global marketing campaigns deliver optimal results. This model also ensures that:

  • Messaging and meaning are correctly communicated and globally and locally consistent.
  • SMEs review messaging and linguistics from an end-user perspective.
  • Reviewers create language style guides to ensure consistent messaging the first time.
  • Transcreated creative marketing copy (text that’s recast for emotion, style, and content to resonate with a specific locale) is closely reviewed along with SEO keyword rankings.
  • Creative reviews include conceptual design integrity to ensure cultural sensitivity around the use of color and other graphic elements.


How else do I benefit?

Outsourcing with LQS means that you and your organization:

  • Manage costs—by putting reviews into the hands of linguistic experts who are free from internal pressures and associated time delays.
  • Manage service providers—by consistently monitoring third-party localization services, LQS experts help identify those that are not performing to quality standards.
  • Get top quality output the first time—by reducing iterations through pre-determined review and evaluation criteria.


Why Lionbridge and Language Quality Services?

Lionbridge provides a global operating model, a flexible approach to technology, and deep language and cultural expertise to support your campaigns. LQS’s independent linguistic review process provides language quality assurance services for all your localized content—with many reviews conducted by subject matter experts. And LQS guarantees unbiased language quality reviews.

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