Machine Translation

Global expansion often means translating large volumes of content in a short timeframe and on an even shorter budget. Machine Translation from Lionbridge offers a low cost alternative to human translation for when you need to quickly translate large volumes of content. What’s more, we have the resources to develop a custom translation environment that can include machine translation in combination with other translation methods for an outcome that meets your requirements and budget.

Lionbridge offers three types of MT services to support the growing demand for lower cost translation. Each features a unique level of sophistication and output quality.

  1. Machine Translation with Full Post Edit — This approach is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of MT without forgoing quality. It is a two-phase process that features a quick machine translation round followed by a full human post-edit round. The post-edit round enhances the raw MT output with accurate context, cultural nuances, local references and industry jargon. This option provides up to 30% cost savings over pure human translation and is best suited for high-exposure, high-value content.
  2. Smart Automated Translation — For clients looking for even greater savings —  between 40 and 80% — Lionbridge uses Smart Automated Translation software, a proprietary approach that uses technology tools to break document files into strings and combine like strings before machine translating them. What results is a project with fewer overall words and fewer file management requirements. A targeted human post-edit round, based on content type and topic, adds to the efficiency of the SAT process. It is an innovative method of translating large volumes of content that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to publish.
  3. Raw Machine Translation — Raw machine translation is the lowest cost option and is best suited for low-profile content. With raw MT, the quality depends entirely on the intelligence of the MT engine. Lionbridge MT engines are continuously trained to surpass the accuracy of generic online translation tools. The use of raw MT can offer benefits of speed, cost savings and higher volume processing for lower level content.

How MT Helps

  • Increases the amount of content you can afford to translate>
  • Reduces your overall translation costs
  • Helps you reach global customers faster
  • Offers different levels of automation for different quality needs