Managed Translation Services

Lionbridge combines high-quality, in-country translation with centralized management processes to deliver reliable centrally-managed translation services around the world. We work with your organization to address both language and culture issues to ensure your international audiences perceive your products and content as you intend.

Our managed translation services help you:

  • Adapt products, packaging, content and websites to meet the diverse requirements of your global customer base
  • Lower your translation costs
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Leverage translation assets and technology
Centralized Process Backed by Local In-Country Expertise

Lionbridge translation teams include staff linguists, project managers, and subject matter experts in 26 countries. They understand how to optimize workloads, track individual capabilities and error rates, and assure consistency–not only between translators working in a single language but also among multi-language teams. The end results are program-level processes and oversight that reduce your costs significantly.