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Better understand the local end-user experience and improve the overall in-market quality with our mobile app testing services

Users demand high performance across all devices, locations, and systems—every time. Is your app up to the challenge?

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Reveal critical issues before you go to market

Lab-based and in-country user testing gives you the power to know how your mobile app or device functions anywhere in the world.

  • On any device:How can you keep up with new devices entering the market daily? With access legacy and emerging devices, test multiple form factors and device capabilities with ease.
  • In any location:How do you simulate network performance across the world? Make sure your app functions on location, from Terre Haute to Timbuktu, with our crowd-source services from in-country native users.
  • On any OS: How do you test performance on various operating systems and platforms? From outdated software to the latest versions, understand how your app or device works (or doesn’t) on any OS.

App Localization Testing

When user interface (UI) elements are translated, the next step in the localization process is to test the software for language accuracy and functionality.

We have native speakers who test the linguistics to make sure that the language remains true to the intent of the source copy.

App Internationalization Testing

We test to ensure that your product or app was correctly modified to work under different languages and regional settings. This includes displaying the correct numbering format or accented characters and the ability to run on non-English operating systems.

Global Mobility Testing Services

VeriTest’s in-house mobility testing lab is a one-stop shop for worldwide mobile app testing services. Reduce the challenges of testing your mobile app with these services:

  • Usability testing: Verify that your app performs the way users need it to and think it should.
  • Functional testing: Confirm the app works easily in real people’s hands.
  • Localization testing: Ensure your app is culturally appropriate around the globe.
  • Load testing: Validate that your app works no matter what.
  • Security testing: Check that users’ data is protected.
  • Test automation: Sustain quality throughout the dev process.


Global Mobility Solutions

Global Mobility Solutions

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