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Multilingual SEO Services

Get found internationally by optimizing your global websites for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated enough in your primary language. Multilingual SEO is far more challenging since it incorporates; translated content, cultural nuances and the need to perform in-depth keyword research for each language you’re targeting.

Unfortunately, the typical process for localizing your SEO-optimized website will not achieve the multilingual SEO results you’re after.

We can solve this challenge for you. Our in-country experts can significantly improve your global search performance through our proven six-step process.

Six Steps to Multilingual SEO Localization

  1. Market Baseline: establish current search performance in your target markets.
  2. Keyword Research: identify, analyze, and refine optimal keywords for your target language content.
  3. SEO Localization/Transcreation: rely on SEO best practices to ensure that translated content is fully optimized per market and cultural considerations.
  4. SEO QA: a review to ensure that the final page has all the key elements needed to rank well in target market search engines.
  5. Ongoing Optimization: a continuous process where SEO metrics are analyzed and changes made.
  6. Reporting: once SEO monitoring begins, you receive reports and recommendations.


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Six Steps to Multilingual SEO Localization

1. Market Baseline

The first step in the SEO localization process is establishing baseline search performance metrics in the target market. The Lionbridge SEO project manager works with you to perform a traffic analysis, gauge where target market pages currently rank in local search engine results, and develop a competitive keyword analysis. This will give you a clearer idea of where your organization is currently situated in-market—and how you measure up contextually against competitors.


2. Keyword Research

Your in-country Lionbridge experts take the master keyword list in English and map the most appropriate keyword with its corresponding piece of content. Once this is done, a combination of keyword localization and additional keyword research in the target language provide an optimal multilingual SEO keyword strategy.


3. SEO Translation

Once the content has been translated, SEO components must be translated and optimized for the target market. Lionbridge localization professionals take the on-page optimization components and ensure that they’re not only properly translated but calibrated specifically for that target market.



Then our localization professionals review the final page to ensure complete optimization. This includes evaluating appropriate keyword density, making sure that all meta data checks out, and that the page is ready to go live in the target market.


5. Ongoing Optimization

The steps of the SEO localization process are linear until this point where it becomes continuous. Lionbridge provides ongoing search engine performance updates through our SEO platform, BrightEdge. Keyword research and optimization continues to select the most optimal keywords.


6. Reporting

Once the SEO monitoring begins, Lionbridge experts provide you with performance updates. These reports track global conversions across search engines in up to 41 countries, as required. They also enable you to track performance of your multilingual SEO strategy against competitors.