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Multilingual SEO Services

Boost multilingual SEO with thorough planning, execution, and tracking

Implementing SEO on a global scale can give your company a significant competitive advantage. Multilingual SEO is an integral part of your website localization process. You’ll find it’s far more efficient to execute your SEO strategy during the localization process than trying to optimize sites after launch.

To prepare your SEO strategy for localization, our experts will: 

  • Optimize your source-language site first to ensure that your SEO localization process will run smoothly. While doing so, we’ll also create a best-practice-based SEO optimization template to be used across all target-language sites.
  • Understand your target markets. Certain countries and cultures practice different search and content-consumption behaviors. While highly dominant, Google is not the only search engine in the world. So depending on your target markets, our experts will modify your global SEO strategy to include one or more of these countries’ leading search engines: Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, Naver in South Korea, and Yahoo in Japan.
  • Analyze your regional competitors’ SEO activities. What keywords are they targeting? We’ll make recommendations based on our analysis.
  • Perform in-country keyword research. SEO keywords can’t be translated because standard translation practices don’t maintain the search intent of your keyword targets. And understanding search intent is critical to achieving SEO success. We solve this challenge by engaging in-country native speakers with SEO knowledge to do the research. This exercise identifies keywords that mirror the keyword targets on your source language site for each webpage. And it will also find strong, country-level keywords that are not covered in the content—which present opportunities for creating locally relevant content to address them.

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Localizing and optimizing your global sites

When you engage with Lionbridge, our expert team will identify local keywords through thorough research and use them as appropriate for your web content.

As we localize your pages, we’ll apply these keywords to your translated content at the page and country levels to ensure on-page optimization. And to determine the effectiveness of your multilingual SEO strategy, we’ll establish benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) to properly track the results—allowing us to continue an on-going process of improvement.


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