Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Services

True translation quality assurance testing services require a dedicated team and reliable processes, but what if you don’t have the internal resources to own all of the details? We’ve got you covered.

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Deploy our expert team to drive your QA testing services

The VeriTest QA Center of Excellence is your dedicated team of QA experts, extending your internal capacity to deliver reliable and stable apps, websites, and devices.


  • Planning & execution: Does your current QA process produce gaps in testing and governance? Gain insight through our gap analysis to identify areas of opportunity, and rely on us to develop an implementation plan.
  • Scalability: Can your QA operation scale to meet demand? Deploy our diverse team of highly trained testers right-sized to meet your specific needs.
  • Boosted ROI: Are you getting the most from your QA spend? Work with us to minimize defects without increasing human capital and onboarding costs.

Traditional QA Services

Users today are choosy, ditching apps and sites that don’t work the way they want them to.

Ensure that your product meets user experience expectations with VeriTest’s suite of traditional testing services across the software development lifecycle – whether it’s manual or automated.

Functional Testing

Our functional testing services ensure that your software or application operates properly in the hands of users.

Ensure your app works with our functional testing tool, VeriTestFTS. It allows you to create, review, and execute test cases with changes reflected in real time.

VeriTestFTS combines the rigorous testing of a commercial solution with the scalability and cost-efficiency of an open-source option. This tool features:

  • Exploratory testing with logical analysis and a test-case-driven approach to maximize coverage in a limited timeframe.
  • Regression testing to ensure defect corrections and enhancements don’t break previous builds or negatively impact key functional areas.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards that provide deeper visibility and on-demand reports so you can monitor tests and review results in real time.

Performance Testing

46% of users won’t return to a poorly performing site. Our performance testing services let you learn how your site performs—before you go live.


Learn about VertiTestPF, a value-driven, easy-to-use performance testing solution:

Users expect instant access, so your app or website must deliver it. Our top-ranked managed testing services team—formed in 1987—offers an array of load testing options so there are no glitches even during high-traffic periods.

Benefits of VeriTestPF

  • On-demand testing & scalability is fast and easy with our cloud-hosted open-source solution of ready-to-use load scripts and other processes.
  • Dynamic real-time and offline graphs provide flexibility and visibility on test runs to identify pinch points and drive analysis.
  • A centralized data repository makes it easy and fast to generate comparison graphs charting the impact of various application or environment changes.
  • Expert analysts provide insights on your test results, suggest engineering options, and create custom scripts that meet your specific business and user needs.

Testing Automation Services

Rapid iteration and improvement are vital to remaining relevant. How do you innovate and validate every release?

Even if you’re not using the agile testing methodology, agility is a core competency for your technology organization. The best way to achieve test coverage in a speed-to-market environment is testing automation.

Advance your testing and cut costs with VeriTestAF

VeriTestAF allows you identify opportunities, optimize automation, and maintain efficiency in the testing process.

Key capabilities include:

  • Ability to flag on/off desired test coverage
  • Evidence capturing mechanism for audit reporting
  • Seamless integration with test management tools
  • Run anytime, anywhere
  • Full automation execution versus non-UI execution
  • Technology agnostic reusable components
  • Unattended execution
  • Customized test results (HTML, Excel)

Benefits of using VeriTestAF

  • An automation feasibility & framework setup uncovers candidates for automation and builds an implementation plan for your framework or Lionbridge’s proprietary one.
  • Suite optimization & ROI analysis analyzes existing frameworks; identifies optimization, re-engineering and improvisation opportunities; and makes recommendations on automation fitment.
  • Script maintenance makes it easy to execute release-on-release script upgrades and management, plus result publishing
  • E2E regression automation executes tens of thousands of test automation scripts overnight and unattended.

Managed QA Services

Our managed QA services offer a streamlined, cloud-based approach that combines critical testing and QA activities for a more thorough review in less time.

Our managed QA services combine:

  • Test resource management
  • Industry-proven best practices
  • Test project management and delivery
  • Strategic QA planning
  • A cloud-based resource framework
  • Custom tool development

    Is your software functioning properly in all locations and situations? Identify whether your software is increasing total cost of ownership or decreasing customer satisfaction.


    Are you outsourcing dollars being used to produce the most ROI? Rely on us to help you decide whether you should you be off-shoring, near-shoring, or working domestically.


    Do you have the right tools for rigorous QA testing—and the head count necessary to do it? Assess whether your QA test operation is flexible and strenuous enough to meet your specific needs.

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