Smart Automated Translation

As your organization produces more technical content, the expense of translating it grows. To support the languages of your customers, and stay within budget, you need a more affordable translation solution.

Smart Automated Translation is a breakthrough translation process that delivers both cost savings and rapid turnaround. It features machine translation technology, efficient work processes and specialized human post-editing to deliver a low-cost, efficient solution for translating high-volume technical content. Smart Automated Translation offers publishable quality to meet your business goals.

As a solution from Lionbridge, Smart Automated Translation reflects our commitment to using automation to address our customers’ cost and quality requirements. It is a unique and highly-effective approach to solving the challenges of high-volume translation.

  • Reduces translation costs by 30-50%
  • Decreases turnaround time by 40%
  • Produces publishable quality content

SAT is ideally suited for high-volume technical content.

  • Technical manuals
  • Assembly instructions
  • Parts catalogs
  • Internal documentation
  • Release notes
  • Support content
  • Employee handbooks
  • Installation, operator and maintenance manuals