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Terminology Glossary

Ensure high-quality translations and globally consistent messaging with this critical website localization tool

To avoid inaccurate terminology—while maintaining consistent messaging and branding across your global sites—turn to our localization experts to help you create a terminology glossary.

A critical tool used by translators throughout the website translation process, a terminology glossary is a database containing your most essential product- and service-related industry and technical terms. It also includes words that are not to be translated (often branded terms)

Our linguists will translate your glossary from your original source language into every target language included in your project. Then we’ll work with a member of your project team for review and approval—to ensure that only authorized terminology will be used throughout your localized sites. (We recommend that your in-country reviewers review the glossaries for their respective languages.)

Your glossaries are updated periodically based on new content and recommendations from assigned reviewer(s)—which is why they’re often considered living linguistic assets. These valuable tools reside in the Lionbridge Translation Workspace, our translation productivity platform (for easy access by translators) along with other linguistic assets including your translation style guide and translation memory (TM) database.


>> Read our comprehensive article to learn how to create translation style guides and terminology glossaries.


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