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Translation Memory Technology

A dynamic database system, translation memory (TM) technology stores and updates your source- and target-language words, sentences, and text strings—automatically, and in real time. This important linguistic asset also doubles as a valuable cost-saving tool.

TMs increase language quality and terminology consistency—for more impactful web content

Because by enabling translated text to be reused throughout your website localization project, repetitive translations are eliminated. Which can result in considerable cost reductions—especially if you have a large website that’s being translated into several languages.

Additional benefits include:

  • Accelerating project workflows by allowing translators to focus on remaining source content
  • Reducing costs through the reuse of localized content from previous projects and vendors
  • Enabling translators to easily access TMs for use on current or future projects—through our translation productivity platform
  • Realizing increased TM value as they grow to include thousands of corresponding text strings


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