Translation Proxy

Creating and managing a multilingual website can be a headache. Updating content and keeping branding globally consistent for every target market is essential, but it can be a daunting, time consuming task that involves a lot of moving parts. Translation Proxy is a cloud-based platform that changes all that. It enables organizations to create, manage and optimize locally relevant, globally consistent websites in any language.

Unlike other online website translation tools, Translation Proxy doesn’t require the support of your IT team and is fully hosted. Your primary site will still operate just as it does now. Once you’ve updated content on your primary website, the Translation Proxy will seamlessly update your multilingual sites and route content for translation and approval. You can alert the Translation Proxy to ignore certain aspects of content; for example, a branded term or phrase that should stay in the primary language on all websites.

  • Little IT Involvement: No software to install. No hardware to deploy. Just a few website configurations and you’re set to go.
  • Launch Translated Websites Rapidly: Rather than traditional translation methods, the Translation Proxy allows you to get the ball rolling on your projects.
  • Flexible Translation Options: Choose the approach that best suits your needs, whether it’s professional, machine or something in between.

Discover more about Translation Proxy and how it can simplify and streamline your complex website translation process through a seamless, cloud-based solution.

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