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Translation Proxy

The fastest and most automated website translation solution

Creating and managing multilingual websites can be a challenge. While it’s essential to update content and maintain consistent branding across global markets, the process can be complex and time-consuming—and includes a lot of moving parts. This is a challenge that some companies simply aren’t staffed to handle.

Lionbridge Translation Proxy server technology changes all that by offering a hands-off approach to website translation. It helps you to more quickly and easily create, manage, and optimize multilingual websites that are locally relevant and globally consistent. And unlike other online website translation tools, Translation Proxy is a fully hosted, cloud-based platform requiring only minimal IT support.

With Translation Proxy your primary website operates just as it does now. Once you’ve updated content on your primary site, it seamlessly creates, prepares, and updates your multilingual sites—and routes your content for translation and approval. With Translation Proxy you can:

  • Launch Translated Sites Faster: In most cases, you’ll go to market more quickly than with traditional, more time-consuming multilingual site-creation methods. (Note: Translation proxy is best suited for standardized, relatively non-dynamic sites that change frequently.)
  • Get In-context Reviews: Your local content reviewers can examine translations in-context—just as they’ll appear on the final localized website.
  • Minimize IT Support: With no software to install and no hardware to deploy, you’re ready to proceed after just a few website configurations.

You can also alert the Translation Proxy to ignore content such as branded terms or phrases that must remain in the primary language across all global sites.

Learn more about how you can simplify and streamline your multilingual website translation projects with our seamless, cloud-based, Translation Proxy solution.



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