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Translation Quality

Meet global business goals by ensuring high-quality translations

The definition of translation quality depends greatly on your content types, end users, and business goals. Does your website have high-touch, emotive marketing content? Or pages of training documentation with specific, technical terminology? What about casual, user-generated forums? Just as the nature of your web content varies, so do its translation quality requirements.

As with language itself, translation quality is highly subjective. So it’s essential to set clear expectations early to ensure that both teams understand how you’ll judge quality and measure success.

When you engage Lionbridge for your website localization projects, our linguistic experts will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your translation quality expectations and develop standards to measure success. Together, we will craft a best-fit solution for all your website translation needs.

To optimize the quality of your translations, we’ll:

  • Consult with you to understand your needs—this includes reviewing samples of previous translations that meet your quality standards
  • Establish relationships between our translators and your in-country reviewers for a smooth workflow
  • Ensure that translations reflect your brand’s voice and identity by fully understanding your company’s translation style guide and terminology glossary
  • Maintain consistency in your translations with our best-of-breed website localization technologies
  • Assign a dedicated project manager who will become an expert in your processes and quality expectations
  • Develop a tailored solution with appropriate translation methods for all content types
  • Minimize errors through quality tracking, control processes, and automated linguistic quality assurance (QA) checks

Definitive Guide to Website Translation

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Choosing the right translation method for all your content needs

Lionbridge website translation and localization services are designed to scale with your project requirements. And our range of translation methods can be tailored to fit all content types. These methods include:

  • Machine translation
  • Real-time translation
  • Crowdsourced translation
  • Machine translation with post-editing
  • Professional human translation
  • Subject-matter expert translation
  • Transcreation


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