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Lionbridge Translation Workspace™

A cloud-based translation productivity platform, Lionbridge Translation Workspace streamlines website translation processes through real-time translation memory (TM), terminology management, and online review capabilities. It also significantly boosts efficiencies to help our translation experts reduce project turnaround times and costs—while delivering the highest levels of language consistency and translation quality.

With this secure, high-performance platform, our language experts are well-equipped to ensure the success of your multilingual website localization projects.

Translation Workspace also offers these key advantages:

  • A centralized, secure location for storing and sharing linguistic assets (such as TMs and glossaries)
  • Real-time TM matching to reduce translation costs (by enabling translated content to be reused throughout the project) and increase language consistency
  • Online access to the most current TMs and glossaries
  • A simple, centralized collaboration venue for distributed teams of linguists
  • A proven, scalable software solution that can be securely accessed from anywhere


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