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Website Translation & Localization Services

Use website translation services to build business and get personal on a global scale 

Website translation and localization means adapting site content and functional elements to the local language and culture of your target markets. It’s a business-critical process for organizations with global reach or aspirations. According to Forrester Research, in a world where only 27% of online content is in English, people are three times more likely to buy a product when they’re addressed in their own language.

A localized website is indispensable for building international business and delivering a consistent, global customer experience with local relevance. But developing the right translation / localization strategy can be complicated. Since your company has unique requirements including key audiences, languages, content types, budget, translation quality, and more—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to website translation services.

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Choose the right approach for translating your website

Your organization’s global readiness, CMS technology, and business goals will help to determine the most effective localization strategy. A key element of your strategy is how you choose to transport content files from your website to our translation management system (TMS) and how the translated files are delivered back and published onto your local website instances. Here are three core approaches—with a fourth option to “buy now” for your most urgent needs:

The Traditional Approach

As our client, you email content directly to our project manager (PM) who submits batched content into our TMS for translation. Once localized and reviewed, the files are sent back to you by email for manual insertion into your content management system (CMS) for publishing into each target language. This approach requires the most manual labor, but it works with any technology mix.

Content Management Systems Integration Technology

To make the translation process as efficient as possible, Lionbridge offers two different ways to integrate our translation services into your website’s CMS using API (application program interface) technology. The first is our Clay Tablet Technologies (a Lionbridge company) CMS connector solution which directly connects your CMS into the Lionbridge translation management system. This solution achieves the highest level of control while also eliminating the manual file transferring process (mentioned above in the “traditional approach”), making it highly efficient and cost-effective. Translation proxy technology is another integration option where content is automatically scraped and translated from the HTML files, then served to visitors on a fully hosted local version of your site. This is an attractive approach because it automates translation and provides real-time, in-context reviews instead of staging server reviews. However, it’s less flexible when selecting locally-relevant content for translation—which can lead to less control or higher costs than the CMS connector solution. Choosing the right option fully depends on your website and your organization’s needs and preferences.

Outsourced Website Operations

With an outsourced Global Web Operations solution you rely on our experts to completely manage, host and localize your websites. We’ll keep your sites and related content updated and optimized—in multiple languages—from development to publishing and SEO to analytics. And you don’t even need to make IT changes or download software. We’ll ensure that your global and local demands are simultaneously met.

onDemand Translation Services

Do you have limited time and budget but still need professionally translated content? Try Lionbridge onDemand for translation services at the click of a button. Through our easy-to-use on-demand portal, you get expedited turnaround times, low prices, enterprise quality, and instant quotes. And you can choose from a range of services, file types, source and target languages.


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