Website Translation

As the power of the web breaks down barriers to the global market, there’s never been a greater opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Lionbridge website translation services combine local savvy with international scalability to ensure consistent, relevant messaging across cultures and under tight deadlines. And we offer a range of approaches to fit your needs, including traditional translation, SEO web translation and a more streamlined translation proxy method. We can help you maximize the impact of your global web presence while enhancing its findability and still allowing you to maintain firm control over your brand.

Create and Manage Multilingual Versions of your Website More Efficiently

Creating and managing multilingual websites can be time consuming and overwhelming, but fortunately there’s a more efficient way. Translation Proxy is a cloud-based solution that simplifies and streamlines website translation. It enables you to create, manage and optimize locally relevant and globally consistent websites in any language, quickly and cost-effectively.

With Translation Proxy, your website can operate just as it does now, but with limited involvement from your IT department. Once you’ve updated content on your primary website, the Translation Proxy seamlessly updates your multilingual sites and routes content for translation and approval. By eliminating the headache of website translation, Translation Proxy frees you to focus on your multilingual website’s real business value.

Make Sure Web Traffic Meets your Expectations in International Markets

Companies are increasingly frustrated with their multilingual website’s low traffic and search rankings. Too many translate their website without SEO or with incorrect keywords and on-page deployments. If you’re challenged with global website performance, you need a website translation approach that infuses SEO throughout the process so qualified traffic is increased.

Lionbridge’s Global SEO Web Translation provides a team of in-market SEO experts who use the BrightEdge-powered global SEO management platform to analyze your current keyword rankings, site-wide SEO implementation and content for local relevancy. They also track competitors and strategically curate local keywords relevant to your business. You receive quarterly reports on your site performance, new keywords, and search insights so you can ensure your investment in website translation pays off.