Why AI? How Language & AI Services Go Hand-in-Hand

Here's our story

At Lionbridge, we're a people-first tech company.

Wait, you might be thinking. Isn't that oxymoronic? How can people and machines coexist as top priorities?

To us, it's simple. For more than 20 years, we've counted on a growing community of passionate experts around the world to power the work we do. Every day, on nearly every continent, we unleash this community for our clients. Whatever the need—a lightning-speed translation, a QA check for a video game, a high-quality dataset labeled to train a chatbot—we activate our tech-enabled community of lions to get it done.

We're barrier breakers. Bridge-builders. We build solutions everywhere, for any problem. We help companies optimize their messaging, brand voice, and marketing materials for any market, in any language. We help streamline and automate internal processes, so brands can communicate more quickly and naturally with more customers worldwide. And now, in growing numbers, we help collect and annotate high volumes of data to help train our customers' AI systems to be more human.

The good news for us? Our years of experience solving problems for our translation and localization clients have uniquely positioned us to tap into those same skills and workflows to help customers in their AI-creation journeys.

In our new whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How a technology-enhanced community of people helped forge our reputation as the world's most trusted language service provider.

  • How our community bridges the gap between customers' problems and their solution—whatever those problems might be.

  • How our linguistic expertise makes us particularly well-suited to partner with today's pioneering AI companies.

This is our world. Let us show you around. Download our new whitepaper today.

Why AI

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