Meet the Pride Worldwide: Edward Chau

Meet Enterprise Sales Director Edward Chau

Name: Edward Chau

Edward Chau Edward Chau

Hometown/Lionbridge Office:

Hong Kong, China

Job Title:

Enterprise Sales Director

How long have you been at Lionbridge?

10 months, since August 2018

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I am an early person and often wake at 6am. I live pretty far away (33km) from the office. Usually I will clean up the overnight emails during the one-hour journey to office.

There are three key typical questions I will ask in every work day:

  1. What do our customers need?
    Helping potential customers who could benefit from our services can be challenging (often, they don’t know what they need!). We have conversations with them, email them, and meet with them to educate them about their potential linguistic challenges and industry best practices.

  2. What do my colleagues need?
    Production/Operation/Solution Architects are my knowledge tank here in Asia. Speaking to project managers/SAs every day is rewarding to me. I ask them many “stupid questions” to fill the gaps in my subject knowledge, which better equips me in my next project.

  3. How was my day today?
    Whether it was a good day or a bad day, there are always solutions for challenges, and there is always a way to do better. What happens today stays with today—I try never to bring any obsessions or emotions to tomorrow.

What is your favorite place in your office?

The Hong Kong office is small; I will say my favorite place in my office is my own desk. :)

What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy educating customers on best practices. We can really assist clients and help to solve their pain points and achieve their business objectives.

Fill in the blanks:

I speak 3 languages (list them!)

English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

My favorite local saying is ______, [and it means ______, if not English].


This is very difficult to translate, as it is Chinese literature, but I tried to find some translation online, which sounds close to the meaning.

Translation: Before God entrusts a man with a ponderous task, He shall distress his mind, tire his limbs, famish his body, deprive him of his possessions, and frustrate his endeavors, so as to strengthen his resolve, fortify his mettle, and enhance his powers.

A tourist visiting my city shouldn’t miss…

Dim sum, Lan Kwai Fong, The Peak, Sai Kung, Temple Street, Dragon's Back, etc.

HK Hong Kong

My coworkers say my weirdest habit is...

My inconsistent hair style.

Outside of work, I always make time for...

Movies, hiking, food, bakery with my wife.

The best piece of career advice I’ve ever received is...

Stand up from where you fall.

My hidden talent is…

I was a lifeguard.

Katy Perry makes me roar.

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