Meet the Pride: Marc-Antoine LePage

Lionbridge Recruiter in Tampere, Finland

Meet Marc-Antoine LePage

He's a coffee connoisseur, lover of bad jokes and dedicated four-year lion. Find him in our Tampere office where he is a global recruiter.

Lionbridge Recruiter, Marc-Antoine

What does a typical work day look like for you?

A typical work day for me involves various tasks, from monitoring our site’s Facebook page to assisting my colleagues with their emails and offering advice on difficult questions. I’ve been in recruitment for two and a half years now, and in general my days are about building up my teammates and trying to help turn Lionbridge AI into a well-oiled machine capable of efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of our clients.

What is your favorite place in your office?

The coffee machine: not only do I love coffee, I also get the chance to meet with my colleagues from other departments and catch a glimpse of what is going on in the office.

Coffee cup next to computer - Lionbridge recruiter Marc-Antoine's favorite drink Coffee in hand, Marc-Antoine is ready to cheer on his team and deliver for his clients.

What is the best part of your job?

The diversity of the projects and the opportunity to talk to people located everywhere in the world.

What is the most exciting opportunity on the horizon for your team this year?

The expansion of our team and that we are getting more opportunities to work with other Lions all over the world.

Fill in the blanks:

I speak 4 languages:

French, English, Spanish and Finnish

My favorite local saying is...

Ei kysyvä tieltä eksy,”

Meaning: Who asks for the road doesn’t get lost.

A tourist visiting my city shouldn’t miss…

The Pyynikki Observation Tower

Pyynikki Observation Tower - Tampere, Finland near Lionbridge office

My coworkers would say my weirdest habit is…

An unusual ability to create very poor jokes.

Outside of work, I always make time for...

Quality time with my wife and cycling (maybe I should buy a tandem bike?).

The best piece of career advice I've ever received is...

To follow your dream, and hard work will bring you there.

My hidden talent is...

Speaking Finnish.

The Northern Lights make me roar.


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