Top Lionbridge Translation & Localization Blog Posts of 2019

Top Translation & Localization Blog Posts of 2019

Last Updated: December 31, 2019 3:07AM

The numbers don’t lie, 2019 was an exciting year for Lionbridge translation. Analytics report that we translated 30 billion+ words, in 380+ languages for 100+ markets worldwide. As a top player in $47 billion growing language services market, we have established ourselves as a localization powerhouse for our customers.

This year, we watched as the translation and localization industry flourished amidst a veritable globalization revolution. New connections within the global business network are being formed at exponential rates. As going global transforms into a necessity for global businesses, the demand for quality translation and localization services is on the rise. It’s no wonder that localization was a trending topic with our blogs in 2019.

Here are the top 10 translation and localization articles chosen by our readers:


#1 Localization, Globalization, Internationalization: What’s the Difference?

Localization, globalization, and internationalization are three key terms in the going global glossary. They work hand-in-hand, but each serve a distinct purpose in a global business strategy. In this day and age, companies looking to be successful in the international marketplace need to understand the differences between these terms as well as how to implement them.


#2 5 Major Differences Between Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and translation are similar sounding concepts–and indeed they are sometime used interchangeably. However, key differences set them apart. Knowing when you require interpretation vs. translation services is vital to delivering the right product for the right situation.


#3 Writing for Translation: 10 Translation Tips to Boost Content Quality

More and more businesses are prioritizing creating quality content. If you are dealing with a multilingual audience, the importance of accurately translating content into different languages cannot be overstated. Read our 10 tips to save time as well as money by writing material pre-designed for translation.


#4 Translation vs. Localization Services for Multilingual Websites

Website translation and website localization are two unique services that play two distinct roles in the language services industry. Understanding what distinguishes them will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness with which you globalize your business.


#5 10 Best Practices for Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

As a global business, recognizing the multilingual and multicultural diversity of your customers is nonnegotiable. Hispanics make up a growing consumer population within the US and beyond. Read our 10 best practices to understand this diverse market’s unique cultural and linguistic needs.


#6 10 English Phrases That Don’t Translate

English is the #1 most popular language spoken world-wide. Naturally, it is a major focus for translation companies, but certain idiomatic expressions unique phrases can pose a problem when translating into other languages. Our translation team pulled together these 10 English phrases to watch out for when writing for a global audience.


#7 Translation Test Sample: How to Assess Translation Quality

What makes a great translation services provider? With 20+ years of trusted experience in the business, Lionbridge experts compiled the steps of their recommended approach to assess the quality of translations.


#8 Machine Translation vs. Machine Translation Plus Post-Editing

As the digital revolution continues to evolve and develop, so does the potential of linguistic technology. Machine translation allows for more material to be translated, at faster rates. When paired with human editing, translations are circulated more efficiently, while maintaining top-tier quality.


#9 How to Write Like an English Native

As the established international language of communication, English skills are vital in the global business marketplace. Communicating with customers at not just an advanced level, but a native level can set your business apart from the rest. Writing can be especially challenging when translating content for an English-speaking audience. Learn directly from Lionbridge translation how to write like an English native in business.


#10 10 Translation & Localization Acronyms You Need to Know

With the numerous other challenges associated with the translation and localization industry, the last thing you want is to be restricted by the terminology. Read our list of the top 10 acronyms you need to know to be a successful in the world of translation and localization.


In 2019, technology and an increasingly connected global network made unprecedented strides to break language barriers and build bridges between different cultures and communities. Lionbridge is at the forefront of innovation in the translation and localization industry.


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