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Last Updated: December 31, 2019 3:20AM

Reflecting on our top performing AI blog posts, one question resurfaced again and again: Why AI? For Lionbridge, the answer is simple. We are dedicated to constant innovation.  Technology offers the opportunity to apply the creativity and passion of the Lionbridge AI team to continuously refine and reform our services.

With the tech development engine churning out new products at faster and faster rates, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to adapt to the AI and tech revolution. In 2019, we saw first-hand two industries in particular, implementing AI tech to streamline business: healthcare and translation and localization.

For the healthcare industry, clinical research organizations incorporated AI into their research to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in clinical trials.

In the world of translation and localization, businesses are using technology to enhance linguistic services. At Lionbridge, we have embraced the potential of the tech revolution by equipping our team of global lions with machine translation tools to facilitate continuous improvement of our products and services.

Here are our top AI blog posts of 2019:


#1 AI in Healthcare: How Can It Help Clinical Trials?

The potential of AI technology in the healthcare industry is undeniable. One area in particular stands out: clinical trials. In this article, our readers are introduced to the capabilities of AI and its possible applications to clinical trial research.


#2 AI in Healthcare: Transparency and Education

To successfully integrate the most cutting-edge applications of AI into the healthcare industry, we all need more education. The more we know, the less resistant we are to advances in AI applications.


#3 AI in Healthcare: How Collaboration Can Improve Data Use in Clinical Trials

Everyone in the clinical trial world stands to benefit directly from the improved productivity, faster result reproduction, and duplication reduction that data sharing can provide. Collaboration is the key to facilitating continuous improvement in clinical trial research.


#4 CRO Culture Shift: Re-framing AI in Clinical Trials

Want to optimize your clinical trial space as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) or pharmaceutical company? Don’t shy away from using AI. Integrate AI into your pharma pipeline and maximize your clinical trials processes.


#5 How We Use AI, Part 1

Human translation paired with specially designed linguistic AI tools means better and faster translation services. At Lionbridge, we’re uncovering uses of AI that make our translators’ work more targeted and more interesting to them—and in turn yield better results for our customers.


#6 Why AI? How Language & AI Services Go Hand-in-Hand

How does the world’s most trusted global communications platform end up training some of the world’s most cutting-edge machine learning systems? Read this article for the story of how Lionbridge became a leading provider of both language and AI training data services.


2020 is fast approaching and with it will come a stream of new technology and innovation. Stay alert to the exciting developments in AI bringing value and efficiency to your business.


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