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Last Updated: January 14, 2020 3:50PM

As 2019 comes to a close, we reflect on our progress in one of the most exciting and fastest expanding global industries: gaming.  Over the decades, gaming has transformed from its beginnings as a niche hobby into a $135 billion industry. There is no denying it. Gaming is a global phenomenon. And it demands a global partner.

To date, Lionbridge has successfully completed more than 2,500 game localization, voice over and testing projects for some of the best-respected companies. Game developers, publishers, platform holders and device manufacturers are turning to Lionbridge Gaming in numbers. We are proud to deliver them the potential of 25+ years of professional translation and localization experience, a full suite of end-to-end global publishing services, and our global network of labs and studios staffed by 6000+ lions delivering into 350 languages pairs.

This year, our readers’ favorite articles reflect Lionbridge’s focus on the globality of the gaming industry and how to optimize access into it. Where is the gaming market booming? How do you expand to reach those markets? What does it take to be successful in the world of global game development?

All these questions and more are answered in our top 8 blog posts of 2019:


#1 Gaming Market Spotlight: Latin America

In 2019, Latin America’s gaming population grew to a staggering 234 million gamers. But the numbers don’t stop there. Latin American gamers are slated to grow by another 50% over the coming 3 years. Add on to that the notable expansion of in-region game development, and Latin America and is becoming a veritable global force. Learn more about this remarkable gaming market and how you can access it in our number one most popular article.


#2 10 Cities for Global Gamers to Watch

Games are popular across borders of language, culture, and nationality. Our research shows the top 10 gaming cities spanning continents around the globe with prominent markets touching down in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. As a growing global and multilingual industry, it’s more important than ever for gaming companies to proactively translate and localize their games.


#3 What Makes a Game Tester Exceptional?

One common element that drives excellence in video games and prevents frustrations from arising? Superior game testing. Truly exceptional game testers combine technical prowess with an innate understanding of how gamers game.


#4 Winning Female Gamers: 5 Tips for Creating Games for Women

Women represent half the world’s population and an often-overlooked opportunity for the gaming industry. How can you activate this massive potential market? Take the steps to localize games that resonate with a female audience.


#5 Designing a Winning Game Narrative for Every Audience

When designers create a game, they build a world. As they distribute to an international audience, every element of this world needs to be localized. Read our article to discover how excellent game designers adapt the story, characters, and dialogue of a game to be enjoyed by customers around the world.


#6 Let the Games Begin: A Q&A with Lionbridge Gaming’s Tugdual Delisle

Speed. Scale. Experience. These are the tenants of the Lionbridge Gaming development services. In an interview with Managing Director of Lionbridge Gaming, Tugdual Delisle, we find out the exciting opportunities ahead for Lionbridge Gaming. With top quality, in-region testing centers popping up around the world, Tugdual is chasing his goal of helping our customers deliver the best gaming experience to a global audience of gaming enthusiasts.


#7 Are You Ready for the Game Streaming Revolution

With subscription-based services on the rise in today’s consumer market, virtually every form of media has been adapted to a streaming platform. Games are no exception. Are you ready for the game streaming revolution? The next step is to find a partner with the skills and resources to localize material for any audience, on any platform.


#8 Enter the Matrix of Game Development: A Q&A with Tugdual Delisle

In a follow-up interview with Tugdual Delisle, we discuss the complex and cooperative process of video game localization, audio production, and narrative design. Video games are artistic projects that depend on technical assets to properly tell their stories. Lionbridge applies our expertise in translation and localization, and our ever-growing tech stack to design games that match our customer’s creative vision.

2019 brought many exciting developments to the world of Lionbridge Gaming. With eyes set on 2020 one thing is clear: The game is far from over.


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