Top Lionbridge Legal Blog Posts of 2019

Our readers choose this year's most illuminating legal articles

Last Updated: December 26, 2019 8:43AM

In a legal setting, language matters. How words are used and understood determines the effectiveness of everything from official legal documents, to on-site courtroom proceedings. Lionbridge Legal fuses over 20 years of translation and localization experience with industry-specific legal knowledge and expertise. Reflecting on 2019, we are proud to provide reliable and consistent legal translation services while striving for continuous growth and improvement.

Here are our top legal blog posts of 2019:

#1 Geotext’s Next Chapter: Lionbridge Legal

In November 2015, Geotext joined forces with Lionbridge Technologies, a global leader in language services. Since the establishment of that momentous union, Lionbridge has proven the advantage of fusing Geotext’s legal translation expertise with our comprehensive suite of localization, transcreation, machine translation, and artificial intelligence solutions. 2020 promises another year of continuous improvement and innovation for Lionbridge-Geotext union.


#2 Translation Services for Legal Documents – When Do Firms Need Them?

Law firms work with language in myriad ways. When they work with clients or opposing parties who speak another language, managing communications becomes more challenging. Read our article for informed insight on when firms should seek legal translation services.


#3 How to Choose an LSP for Legal Translation

In the legal world, a single word or phrase out of place can affect the entire outcome of a case. A quality legal Language Service Provider (LSP) recognizes the unique security concerns today’s legal professionals face, and tailors their service accordingly to ensure data remains safe and secure through every step of the translation process. The importance of finding an LSP with the experience and expertise to guide your company through the complex legal translation process cannot be overstated.


#4 What Does an On-Site Interpreter Do?

What happens if a person appearing in court speaks a different language from that of the lawyers? That’s when an On-Site Interpreter steps in. Court and legal interpreters bring their linguistic expertise to firms for interviews, depositions, and direct and cross examinations. Learn about the key roles these bilingual experts play in communicating with a broader range of parties in every country.


#5 How to Get the Best Interpretation for Your Legal Practice

When it comes to legal interpretation the importance of experience, specificity, and accuracy cannot be overstated. Quality legal language service providers provide the linguistic support and expertise for your firm so that you can focus on legal matters. Learn how to find the right partner to suit your company’s legal interpretation needs.


#6 How to Make Multilingual E-discovery Easier

E-discovery is a complex and often time-consuming process. Add in the challenge of translating between multiple languages, and that process only becomes more complicated. Ensuring that your firm understands the full capacity of your e-discovery software, is key to successful legal discovery efforts. Lionbridge Legal shares insight on optimizing your legal efforts with the new relativity e-discovery platform.


2020 promises more opportunity and endless innovation for Lionbridge Legal.


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