Going Global 101: The Going Global Quiz

Here's your chance to test your knowledge. Do you have what it takes to go global? Answer these 8 true or false questions to find out if you're up to the challenge.

Can you answer these 8 true or false questions correctly? Take the quiz and find out if you have what it takes to go global.


True or False: The Going Global Quiz

1. Globalization is only for big, top-tier companies

True or False?




False. With new technology and an increasingly interconnected global market, going global today is important for any company exporting products.


2. All you need to go global is a website.

True or False?




False.  Having a website opens you up to a global audience. But you want to be more than just globally present – you want to be globally resonant.


3. Translation, interpretation, and localization are separate services, each meeting a different business need.

True or False?




True. Translation refers to the conversion of written text into another language.

Interpretation is verbal.

Localization means making a product or message resonate with a specific target culture, as if it were originally created in that language.


4. When entering new markets, companies shouldn’t waste time on analytics.

True or False?




False. Enter each international market with intention. Plan where you are going and how you will get there.


5. Looking at your competition helps determine what you should and should not do as a global organization.

True or False?




True. Competitive analysis research is key to a first-rate globalization strategy.


6. SEO for multilingual websites is as easy as word-for-word translation.

True or False?




False. Global SEO is not one-size-fits-every-market. Like the product you’re exporting, your SEO strategy needs to be properly localized.


7. Before going global, figure out how to go local.

True or False?




True. Successful global businesses prepare a localization strategy at the beginning of their globalization process – not as an after-thought.


8. It’s not enough just to translate content. You need to strategize how to resonate within your target markets.

True or False?




True. An effective content localization process considers multiple elements of the localization process including word choice, tone, and preferred digital medium.


How did you do?

7-8: Way to go! You proved it – you have what it takes to go global.

5-6: You’re off to a good start. Now brush up on your skills with the links below.

3-5: Did you miss a few installments? Catch up and try again!

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Sophia Eakins
Sophia Eakins