How to Improve Your Contact Center Customer Experience with OPI

Deliver the best experience for every customer, in every language

Last Updated: July 19, 2019 4:03PM

Does this sound like a positive customer experience?

Imagine this: A Portuguese-speaking customer places a call to your company’s contact center. This customer is calling because she has a small issue she hopes your customer service representative (CSR) can resolve accurately and efficiently.

Only, the CSR who answers the call doesn’t speak Portuguese.

The initial moments of the conversation are awkward, as the CSR attempts to identify what language the customer is speaking. He accidentally misidentifies the language as Spanish and routes the call to his Spanish-speaking colleague in another department. This causes additional confusion for both parties (and frustration for the customer). Several minutes go by. The small issue that prompted your customer’s call is no closer to being resolved.

The Spanish-speaking colleague informs the original CSR that the caller is not speaking Spanish before she returns to her own work. The original CSR places the customer on hold and makes a call to the company’s over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) provider in an attempt to reach a facilitator who may be able to identify the caller’s language. The CSR bridges the customer and the facilitator, who identifies the spoken language as Portuguese. The customer is once again put on hold while a Portuguese-speaking interpreter is found. Only once a Portuguese-speaking interpreter becomes available can the customer, CSR, and interpreter commence the three-way conversation.

The customer has spoken with multiple people, been placed on hold multiple times, and spent a significant amount of time on the phone before even explaining her problem. Does this sound like a positive customer experience?

Of course not.

And yet, this type of scenario is the norm far more often than it needs to be.

Improving Customer Experience in the Contact Center

Today’s customers have more options for products and services than ever before. And that means their expectations for service and customer experience are higher than ever before, too. They simply will not tolerate support that doesn’t meet their needs and deliver a positive experience in their preferred language.

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, organizations that want to succeed need to deliver a stellar customer experience across any language and channel. Often, that starts in the contact center.

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