What We’re Thankful for in 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Lionbridge

Last Updated: December 31, 2019 4:14AM

The team at Lionbridge is grateful for another exciting year of breaking barriers and building bridges. We acquired Gengo and Gengo.ai, launched Lionbridge AI, were named one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes, and won an Employee Engagement Award from The Conference Board — just to name a few.

At this busy time of year, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the things that stand out in our lives for which we’re truly grateful.

In honor of Thanksgiving in the U.S., we reached out to our global pride of Lions to see what they’re thankful for.


Here are a few things that the team at Lionbridge is thankful for this year:

“I am thankful for days like this, in the company of a beautiful Alaskan husky.” – Kari Morkesdal, Quality Director, Norway

snowy Norway landscape with dog


“I am thankful for new opportunities, on-brand tea sets, and of course, my wonderful hard-working and supportive teammates at Lionbridge.” – Sophia Eakins, Content Specialist, Waltham, Massachusetts

“I am thankful for good collaboration and progress in my projects, learning many new things about SEO in 2019, and my bicycle commute.” – Sandra Wendland, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Basel, Switzerland

“I am happy that the Oregon State Women’s Basketball Beavers team is winning!” – Tamara Musafia, Test Technician, Boise, Idaho

“I am thankful for my granddaughter, Mylo, who loves snow. I am kind of thankful that there is more snow where she is than where I am. But I like snow.” – Wendlyn Spencer, Data Controller, Indianapolis, Indiana

“I am thankful for change. It is always scary, but it can be a wonderful thing.” – Becky Wilkie, Senior Associate, Events, Waltham, Massachusetts

I am thankful for every challenge I encounter in my daily production work in Lionbridge, my supportive and awesome teammates and every minute I spend working with people. Every bit of interaction and overcoming obstacles is worth it. Outside work, I am grateful for my loving, kind husband and our furry family member Yuki.” – Helena Marzec, Language Lead, Warsaw, Poland

“I’m thankful to see so many Lions sharing their stories of collaboration, success, and team spirit on (our intranet) The Bridge! It has become a rich digital community that truly reflects the passion and talent of our Pride. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lions the world over through The Bridge, and I can’t wait to see more!” – Morgen Myrdal, Manager, Internal Communications, New York City, New York

“I am thankful for working in a company that allows my balance between work and life outside work!” – Alina Fernandez, Director, Resourcing and Process Optimization, Boulder, Colorado

“This year, I am grateful for my supportive family, colleagues that make the days fun, a career that I love, and the magic of new adventures.” – Stephanie Carone, Senior Manager, Brand, Waltham, Massachusetts

“I am thankful that Lionbridge has not only been my place of work for the past 15 years, but has also given me many wonderful co-workers across the globe, several close friends as well as actual family: a Lion husband and 2 Lion cubs!” – Stefanie Frischknecht, Senior Solution Architect, Waltham, Massachusetts

Two people standing on the top of a mountain near Lionbridge Waltham office; one has arms outstretched

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Stephanie Carone