With an efficient and agile localization process, Lionbridge enables Thule to improve global customer experience by communicating with consumers in their native language across digital channels. Learn more about Thule at

Thule relies on Lionbridge for translation, website localization, and multilingual SEO

Lionbridge helps Thule communicate and build relationships with customers the world over. Here are some areas where they have seen results:

  • Customer experience: From collateral to instruction manuals, Thule relies on Lionbridge for consistent and efficient translations to address their global markets in their native language.
  • Product launches: Thule brings new products to market in a lean operation using global tools and systems, across many markets and in many languages, by working with Lionbridge as their localization partner.
  • Digital experience: As a digital first company, talking to consumers in their native language is a pre-requisite for their premium brand. With 81 markets and 24 languages supported on the web, Thule partners with Lionbridge for all SEO and web localization efforts.

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Thule partners with Lionbridge to localize software applications, user publications, websites, marketing materials, inform a SEO strategy, and more.

Featured Customer
Thule relies on Lionbridge for web localization and multilingual SEO

“Lionbridge is the hub in our process to launch products and to launch translated and localized content. Lionbridge helps us with translations, with SEO, and does that with a really efficient and agile process.”


Tobias Bergström
Tobias Bergström
Director Digital Channels, Thule