e-Discovery Support

Foreign-language discovery can pose significant challenges. Thousands or even millions of documentssometimes in multiple languagesmay be involved, rendering translation time- and cost-prohibitive.

The discovery process can be incredibly complex

The discovery process requires legal professionals to navigate vast amounts of data, handle complex management logistics, and risk redundant content going undetected. On top of that, challenges such as inflated costs, delayed production, and inconsistent terminology are commonplace.

At Lionbridge, our E-Discovery Support services help you resolve these issues. Leveraging our global language expertise and legal experience, we regularly collaborate with leading e-discovery firms. This is a crucial step in determining data relevance, and an excellent way to avoid needless translation and unnecessary expense.

Additionally, our teams work directly with your e-discovery partner, facilitating multilingual discovery by translating client-specified key terms and search strings, reviewing files for relevancy, or creating summary translations.