Simplify Content Translation with Lionbridge onDemand for Sitecore

Lionbridge is the leading translation partner for Sitecore with over 80 live Sitecore sites actively sending content for translation. No other translation company comes close to Lionbridge’s expertise or experience. This is also what makes us the company of choice for agencies and system integrators including Agency Oasis, Bio Agency, Grey Ghost Studios, Hedgehog Development, Paragon, and VML.

An effective website depends on managing content scattered throughout the organization, in many different forms, from many applications, and many authors. Today, managing content is not just a one language problem. When presenting your company’s brand and products to customers and partners around the world, translating and localizing your content takes on a new urgency.

Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner

The Lionbridge connector automates the transmission of content between Sitecore and Lionbridge’s translation technology. This fully integrated digital execution model delivers global consistency, local relevance with speed, quality, and efficiency.

Our partnership with Sitecore helps solve the multilingual content challenge. Through automated content transmission, you can maintain sites in multiple languages quickly while being cost-effective. Now you can manage your site in one language, and all other languages stay current. Instantly export and re-import any and all content for localization. Traditional translation turnaround times can be reduced by up to 60%, ensuring content reaches global markets faster, at a lower cost and with less effort.

Read our Sitecore connector solution brief to learn more

Easily translate content with Lionbridge onDemand for Sitecore

Lionbridge onDemand for Sitecore offers unique benefits:

  • 24/7 Service: Submit translations from anywhere in the world and automatically receive a delivery date
  • Instant Quoting: Receive an automated quote for every submission, with no hidden fees after processing
  • Fully Automated: The entire process of sending/receiving translated content is automated, making it fast and easy
  • Global Support: Ensure your brand voice is effectively applied across all translated content.