Managed QA Services

The always-on, app-driven, omni-channel world raises the bar for translation quality assurance and testing. Does your code live up to the standard?

Consumers won’t wait around while you fix buggy code. That’s why you need an end-to-end QA and testing process that’s cost- and time-efficient. At Lionbridge, we can help you get to market fast with our reliable managed testing services.

Our streamlined, cloud-based approach combines critical testing and QA activities for a more thorough review in less time. We can give you important insight into:

  • Quality: Is your software functioning properly in all locations and situations? Identify whether your software is increasing total cost of ownership or decreasing customer satisfaction.
  • Right-shoring: Are your outsourcing dollars being used to produce the most ROI? Rely on us to help you decide whether you should you be off-shoring, near-shoring, or working domestically.
  • Tools & Talent: Do you have the right tools for rigorous QA testing—and the headcount necessary to do it? Assess whether your QA test operation is flexible and strenuous enough to meet your specific needs.

We can also help if you haven’t got the internal resources to staff a dedicated team. In fact, we can extend your internal capacity to deliver reliable and stable apps, websites, and devices during any part of the process:

  • Planning & Execution: Do your current practices produce gaps in testing and governance? Gain insight through our gap analysis to identify areas of opportunity, and rely on us to develop an implementation plan.
  • Scalability: Can your QA operation scale to meet demand? Deploy our diverse team of highly trained testers right-sized to meet your specific needs.
  • Boosted ROI: Are you getting the most from your QA spend? Work with us to minimize defects without increasing human capital and onboarding costs.

Learn more about how our cloud-based resource frameworks, custom tool development, and simplified transition process can help you across a range of engagement models and business domains.