Any company or organization with multilingual customers understands the value of communicating to them in their primary language. But supporting a multilingual communication strategy can be challenging and expensive.

Boost customer experience with real-time translation

Real-time translation is a solution that provides actionable and timely translation of critical information. For multilingual customer communication, this can include:

  • chat
  • email
  • help desk/ticketing
  • forum/community
  • knowledge base
  • website content

No matter what your brand’s primary language is, or which languages your agents speak, real-time translation allows your contact center to communicate with any consumer at a fraction of the cost of hiring multilingual agents.

At Lionbridge, we offer GeoFluent, a real-time translation solution that combines the world’s top translation engines with a patented linguistic layer to improve customer experience. The linguistic layer customizes and preserves translations to ensure consistency across industry terminology, products, and most importantly, customers’ and BPO’s client brands.

In addition to providing the best possible brand experience, GeoFluent’s patented linguistic layer also eliminates the common typos, misspellings, slang, and complex translation problems related to content and personalization.

To support effective communication for contact centers, GeoFluent provides pre-determined, professionally translated responses to common inquires. These, coupled with high-quality language for real-time communication, save your agents time and consistently deliver the right brand experience.

Featured Customer
GeoFluent Powers Omni-Lingual Chat at RCI

“The impacts have been significant, including increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer effort, coupled with increased call deflection and not having to hire as many multi-lingual agents. This combination makes GeoFluent a great fit for RCI and our members.”

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Keith Lodewyk
Customer Care Team Lead, RCI