Lionbridge and Rocket Sound Partner to Deliver Integrated Solution for Multilingual Video Game Voice Production

Rocket Sound original source audio combined with Lionbridge global game production solutions speed time to market and simplify global releases for games publishers

Waltham, MA and Los Angeles, CA – June 08, 2015 – Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIOX) and Rocket Sound LLC today announced a partnership to provide end-to-end global audio solutions for game titles – from original English voice production to global translation and voiceover services worldwide.

As a world leader in gaming translation and testing solutions, Lionbridge Game Services provides world-class resources, technologies, facilities, processes, and tools for multilingual game production. Rocket Sound is a well-known leader in original English-language voice production for videogames. Together, Lionbridge and Rocket Sound provide a complete suite of voice over audio, localisation, testing marketing, and community management services to help clients in the games publishing industry connect with their global audiences.

“The game industry is now global and has adjusted its thinking: the ‘new normal’ requires agile end-to-end translation, localisation QA, and global voiceover services for simultaneous release of games into multiple markets,” said Tugdual Delisle, SVP Games and Entertainment, Lionbridge. “By partnering with Rocket Sound, the premier audio production company for videogames in North America, we offer clients a robust end-to-end global audio production solution. Together, we are changing the global audio paradigm.”

At the centre of the partnership is an end-to-end global audio solution for game titles – from original English voice production to global translation and voiceover services worldwide – providing consistent quality, parity, efficiency, rapid time-to-market, and access to top-industry audio talent for major platform holders and AAA publishers.

“The world of global videogame services evolves quickly. Our partnership with Lionbridge Game Services demonstrates a commitment to stay ahead of our customers’ evolving needs, and provide them with the deepest possible level of support,” said Tom Hays, president of Rocket Sound. “Lionbridge shares our commitment to high quality, and adds a unique global footprint that lets them create a consistent result across languages worldwide. By combining Rocket Sound’s proven ability to get the industry’s best English-language voice performances into games with Lionbridge’s large-scale, top-quality international voice production abilities, we can ensure line-for-line consistency for top-quality videogames released in every market.

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Rocket Sound, LLC operates some of the best-sounding, most flexible audio recording facilities in LA, bringing myriad possibilities for recording actor performances for AAA games and animation. The core of Rocket Sound is a group of key people from the former Technicolor Game Sound Services, the team that provided sound support on such projects as Halo 4, Gears of War, Uncharted, Mass Effect, and many others. Rocket Sound is purpose-built to help our clients succeed in making some of the best-selling interactive entertainment in the world. For years, our team has been a trusted partner in high-stakes projects with unforgiving deadlines and top-rung creative needs. To learn more visit

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