Will AI-based Chatbots Redefine the Customer Experience?

Lionbridge VP and General Manager of Contact Center Solutions, Tom Tseki, shares his insight to how artificial intelligence (AI) helps companies enhance their customer experience.

With the rise and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes an array of benefits for businesses- including one of the most visible examples for customer service, the chatbot. While chatbots certainly won’t replace humans any time soon, they will automate and replace simple tasks that agents are handling today, thus allowing them to focus on more complex issues. However, successfully deploying an intelligent chatbot in the contact centre can be complicated and costly, and if not executed properly, can lead to poor customer service followed by increased frustration. Our VP and General Manager of Contact Centre Solutions, Tom Tseki, highlighted some best practices that would allow your organisation to maintain a competitive edge and deliver quality customer experience for Customer Think.

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