Corporate and Investment Banking

Accuracy, efficiency, and security are essential to meeting regulatory requirements and providing effective multilingual communications in global corporate and investment banking. For translation, you need a partner with linguistic expertise and deep financial know-how.

Translation services for banking publications

Discover financial globalisation experts who truly understand your sector when it comes to corporate and investment banking literature. At Lionbridge, we have the financial experience and language expertise to handle any assignment.

Our translators, writers, and editors have been immersed in translation for the banking industry for many years and have a firm grasp of the complexities in all sectors, including:

  • Securities issues and trading
  • Derivatives
  • Corporate financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Structured financing
  • Private equity
  • Market research/market reports

With offices and teams based in the world’s financial hubs, Lionbridge has long-standing relationships with global banks and an excellent track record providing translation of complex multilingual financial literature of all types.

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