Investment Funds

The translation of your investment documents, financial statements, and fund prospectuses as part of your communications with your clients and shareholders in the investment fund industry needs to be secure, accurate, and compliant. And you need to engage with your audience across channels, devices, and geographies.

Translation services for investment funds

At Lionbridge, our language professionals have years of experience writing, editing, and translating fund reports and marketing materials. Our teams can help you with a wide range of projects, including: 

  • Digital content
  • Performance reports and other client communication
  • Brochures, presentations, and after-sales material
  • Background articles for in-house or third-party publications
  • Fund prospectuses and investment literature
  • Financial statements and shareholder documents
  • Notices to shareholders, articles of incorporation

We have the language expertise, data security, and financial experience to help you with any type of material.

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