Key Information Documents

Regulatory material needs to be handled accurately and efficiently – with attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Writing and translating key information documents

At Lionbridge, we have the financial experience and global presence to help you with PRIIP KIDs, UCITS KIIDs, and other important regulatory documents in all languages. We combine specialist linguistic expertise in finance and investments with the capacity to manage major projects.

Our translators and writers are familiar with key information document (KID) requirements, ensuring document compliance with guidelines for both content and plain language. We are a leading creator of regulatory documents.

Whether you need to outsource the entire end-to-end content creation process or hand off elements to a specialist provider, Lionbridge is ready to help you. Using dedicated teams based in the world’s financial hubs, we can:

  • Write content based on your existing product documentation
  • Edit text to bring it into line with plain language requirements
  • Translate key information documents into multiple languages
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