By providing quality, highly relevant, localised, custom content—informed by cultural and local-market insights from Lionbridge—Lenovo is able to meet and exceed consumer expectations and strengthen its global brand.

Lionbridge & Lenovo - Enabling Global Customer Experience


Lionbridge helps us gain local insights into what users are doing, which devices and platforms they’re using, and how they prioritise experiences. All of which help us to innovate and deliver more value to global consumers.

Peter Gaucher, Lenovo

Peter Gaucher
Executive Director
Ecosystem & Content Services, Lenovo

How Lionbridge helps Lenovo create valuable global customer experiences

As a $46 billion technology company with customers in more than 160 countries, Lenovo does more than deliver quality, industry-leading products.

They’ve created a culture of innovation focused on making computing easier for customers. It all starts by delivering consistently valuable customer experiences across multiple devices, channels, platforms, and geographies.

Lionbridge helps Lenovo create these experiences through its deep language, cultural, and global marketing expertise.

Benefits by the numbers

Lionbridge helps Lenovo communicate and build relationships with customers globally. Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • 33% faster translation turnaround: Rapid response times are enabled by Lionbridge’s 365-day, global support model across China, Finland, Ireland, Poland, and the United States.
  • Local-language sites go from 16 to 31: Since partnering with Lionbridge, Lenovo continues to expand its international reach to meet the growing demands of the connected global consumer.
  • 98% translation memory leverage: Lenovo boosts efficiencies and cuts costs with Lionbridge translation memory technology – leveraging 30% more previous translations than a former provider.

“We work closely with Lionbridge to develop custom streams of content—and to translate and localise that content. They’ve just made it easy for us to deliver great products to our global consumer audiences.”
-Jonathan Mulder, Head of Lenovodev.com, ECS Content Programs & Digital Store Practice, Ecosystem & Cloud Services (ECS), Lenovo

Related services

Lenovo partners with Lionbridge to localise software applications, user publications, websites, marketing materials, and more. Additional services include content authoring, localisation testing, user-experience testing for phones and tablets – as well as mobile – carrier field testing for phones, and crowd testing services.